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The purpose of the Ministry is not to meet the needs of the people.  Though most of the church is involved in doing just that, and only that – it was never God’s plan.  Having been taught at many seminaries for the last several decades, this liberal doctrine has become one of the biggest Lies of the last century.  The needs of people will get met as a side effect of true ministry performing its function, which has always been establishing the will of God in the earth.  Not making sure everybody has enough to eat, a warm blanket, and a comfortable life as they are.  So they can continue in the rebellion and ignorance of their own will, living the ungrateful disobedient life they were born into.  As though God is going to subsidize mutiny and treason.  What verse is that.  That is why His Wrath is coming on the world.

God’s will is His word, His word is His will – He does not have a will (for your life) outside of His word.  Everyone in the Pentecostal / Word of Faith camp knows I’m quoting F.F. Bosworth, with the emphasis being my own.  But most of the ‘church’ is unfamiliar with the great moves of the Spirit in their own lifetime.  I mean of just the last 10 years, let alone what came out of Azusa Street a hundred years ago.  The outpouring in Brownsville and Toronto have impacted the lives of thousands, and I number it only in the thousands as it’s not the volume of people that attend these moves (when they were in full swing), but those who do something with what they got.  If they got anything at all.  A very small percentage of believers in America have even heard the names of these places.  But they are known all over the world among a certain group within the Spirit filled churches, made up of multiple denominations.

Now the first distinction to make between the fake commission and the Great Commission of the Bible is not a denominational one, but rather a spiritual one.  In fact the first distinction is the Holy Spirit.  More specifically – the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Which is not only Scriptural, it is essential if you want to have any power.  Remove the power that comes only with being baptized in the Holy Ghost, and all you have is Religion.  Dead dry, poverty stricken, working for a living (instead of living off your Giving), rule keeping, going to church is all I can do, I can’t afford to tithe, Hep me Lord! Hep! Hep me! (help you do what, your own will?) – I don’t believe you, I don’t trust you, an I really don’t even know if I like you, but I know I don’t want you to Judge me, or send me to Hell – after all, I am a good person . . . Religion.

It has been the bane of Christianity since Jesus was taken up to Heaven in the very sight of the apostles, nearly 2000 years ago.  Men trying to get to the One and only God their own way instead of His one and only way.  All because they don’t want to do what they’re told.  People don’t mind spirituality as long as it’s divorced from authority.  Submission to the plan and the will of God for your life as well as just the idea of discipline, have become nothing less than forbidden language in the modern humanist church of today.  So we have tens of thousands of churches in America with millions of so called christians who don’t do anything the Bible says (except maybe not cuss and go to church), and can hardly be distinguished from the heathen.  Whom they’re supposed to be bringing into the Kingdom.  If they want to come.  We don’t get the results that Jesus got because we don’t preach the gospel He preached.  The subject of which is actually another point, which we’ll get to in a minute.

So, the line drawn in the sand here dividing all true Biblical (which can only mean Protestant) Christianity into two sides – is between those with the Holy Spirit, and those without.  Catholicism is dealt with in another chapter, and to some degree throughout my writing, which is a christian cult and not true Christianity at all.  If you take all the men and women of God throughout the earth who are actually performing (not attempting) the commands Jesus authorized in the  Bible, and possess the power needed to do so, folks like; Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Keith Moore, Rick Joyner, John Hagee, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, Michael Pitts, Keith Butler, Bill Winston, Reinhard Bonnke, Heidi Baker, David Hogan, Rodney Howard Browne, to name a few.

Some of the latter names are lesser known here, but well known in Heaven.  And if we continue the list to include the thousands whose names will never be known in the world as it is on one side – and all the other sincere Believers (many in ministry) who truly are Christian but do not have the power of God operating in their life or ministry, on the other side.  The thing that separates them, the line in the sand if you will, is those who have been Baptized in the Holy Spirit – and all the others who have not been Baptized in the Holy Spirit.  That’s all, nothing else.  And it is amazing how many of those without the Spirit, and even more within the much larger churchgoing group that makes up most of christianity – are completely unaware of this simple fact.

I mean several of these Ministries I’ve just named have raised people from the dead – one of them has raised more than 300 in one region of Mexico alone.  Yet most people who call themselves christians have not only never heard of this, they do not know anyone who has.  Even worse they aren’t sure they would believe it if they saw it.  Listen friend, raising the dead, healing the sick, casting out demons, walking on the water, seeing into the spiritual realm – are all Biblical events.  Jesus not only did them, He said that any and all who believed in Him would do these things and greater than these.  Not knowing that He said that, and not knowing the rest of the Bible just means you are not attached to what God is doing.  Because like most of the world you are too busy doing you’re own thing.  And the Lord is supposed to let you into Heaven for what reason.

Now no one person does everything, the Bible is quite clear on that.  In fact we all have only a part to play in the greater whole, and all of the above named are Ministers over Ministries.  So please don’t hear what I am not saying.  But these things have been going on since Christ left, on up to this very moment.  And if you don’t know of or support Ministries like these, and don’t know anybody who does – what makes you think you are a Christian.  Because you go to church?  The truth is most so called christians do not know the Bible and  they don’t believe it.  Most don’t even read it.  They simply agree with some of the morality and truth in it.  They give mental assent to some of its basic tenants, and mistakenly think this to be the same as actually doing what the Bible says.

It is as though they have taken the partial truth of Scripture contained in the verse “As a man thinketh in his Heart, so is he”, and twisted it into a post modern philosophical equivalent of “I Agree, therefore I am.”  Which of course to be true, could only come from the position of crowning the intellect king, as our modern society has done.  All of this from the uncontested supremacy of Self and its own will determining its own destiny.  Which to put it simply, If you are your own King as most christians are – then Jesus is not.  And if He is not your King, your life down here as a believer was of no importance.  I know all sorts of religious folks will not like that, but then they didn’t like Jesus either.  In fact, it is the religious people of His day who crucified Him.  He did not come just to get you to Heaven, He came to get you under his Authority, remember.

You were born into a world under the authority of Lucifer, who’s authority you are under whether you want to be or not.  This world as it is is not only passing away, it’s being destroyed.  If you don’t get out from under it and the authority that runs it, then you’ll be destroyed along with it, because that is the punishment the authority getting.  Except destruction in the  sense as it relates to spirits is not an event, it’s a condition – and is eternal.  In fact Hell was made for him and his fallen angels.  It doesn’t matter whether you think this fair or not – you have no authority except the authority that God has given you in Christ.  If you reject that knowledge, that Truth of His Word, that rejection is what will destroy you – and the Bible says so.  And because God’s Word, God’s Truth, God’s Knowledge are Spiritual – they must become a condition in your life, not an event.

Until they become a condition, what you call your christianity will not work for you because it is not real to you, you’re just pretending.  Which is one of the main things Lucifer helps people to do.  He doesn’t just use lying – he invented it.  If your christianity isn’t working down here you won’t make it work up there, for you will not be going to Heaven.  You’re not being locked out – you’ve chose not to come in, and there’s only One Way in.  And until you decide to say what He is saying, until what He’s saying is coming up out of you – you’re just saying your own thing (or someone else’s).  Neither of which get you to Heaven, but only end up where the Authority you were under was going the whole time.  That’s what the Scripture – “God is not mocked, You Reap what You Sow” means.  God is not playing, He never was – whether we were or not. Are you beginning to see the need for discipleship here.  Not do you like it, do you want it (it’s not your show) – I said do you see it.  If some of this is offending your Flesh, it’s supposed to do that. Your flesh is not a believer, only your spirit can believe. Believing is done nowhere else. 

Because the world system is Lucifer’s show and Lying is the language he speaks, the time has to be taken to peel back layer after layer of well established Lies which we call long held beliefs, just so you can see some of the Truth.  Not any truth – God’s Truth.  Which is the only truth that matters.  So the next lie I have to expose so that you as a believer can see His Truth that has been covered by this Lie – is what I call the Salvation Machine, which is the only machine most churches have going.  This idea of coming down to the front and “getting Saved” by saying a prayer, and that making you a christian – is a fairly recent phenomenon of the last half century or so.  It is a modern invention.  Prior to the Industrial Revolution, and really even up to World War II, the societies of every so called christian nation were filled with a people who knew what being a Christian meant.  Whether they were one or not.

Nowadays in this most modern era, this Space Age, people as a whole not only have no idea of what being a Christian means, they have a lot of wrong ideas.  I mean christians have no idea what it means to be a Christian.  We were never told to make converts, which in the shallow sense is actually a marketing concept that comes out of the Babylonian System of commerce and trade.  That concept is all about the numbers, it’s just been dragged into the church.  But we are commanded to make disciples, which is someone who has been disciplined with the Truth.  By someone who is living that Truth more than they are.  You can only be discipled by someone who is ahead of you in this thing.  The Word the Lord gave me to impart to all my disciples, and they to theirs is – I’m being disciplined with the Word of God by a man of God to do the things of God . . . and it is changing my life.

One of my favorite Bible Teachers is Keith Moore, who said in one of his sermons Ignorance needs Instruction, Rebellion needs Discipline.  We are so very ignorant of who God is and what He has for us, but it is a willful ignorance.  In all 1st world nations and in this modern era (especially) it’s not the availability of His Plan that is lacking.  It is our refusal to hear it – and among most who’ve heard it, a refusal to do it.  Both of which are pure rebellion, and the very thing that got Lucifer in trouble.  The immediate absence of God’s final Judgment and our not currently existing in the state of eternal death that follows such a judgment, lulls us into the false expectation that it will not happen and that it is not coming.

When just the opposite is true, wrath is already here – and is manifesting little by little, more and more each day.  The delay is His mercy to us, which is Time.  Time to get it right, by getting right with Him, which is the whole reason Christ came.  To get us Right with God.  It will all culminate in the return of the King and the final Wrath of God being poured out on all who refused to make Jesus King in their own life by the time of His Return.  There is no way out but up, and to go up you must go through Him.  If you refuse to go through Him you have essentially called God a liar, and everything He has said about Himself and His Son in His Word – a lie.  Which will send you to Hell.  It actually says that in the Bible.  Your not knowing it because you refused to know it will not get you out of it, and in fact will help to condemn you.

That is why discipleship is so essential.  It is the thing that gets Christ formed in you.  It takes you from saying He is your Savior to living for Him as your King.  To get into His Kingdom – He must be your King.  Getting saved is good, but it is not the Great Commission – making disciples is.  If all you did was say a prayer, and all you do is go to church, and you have been told that makes you a christian – you’ve been lied to.  And you of your own free will believing what they said without checking it against what He said, makes you just as complicit as they are.  If you choose to live in the darkness of this world and it’s system when Light has come in and offered itself – then it is in darkness you will remain when the Light takes over.  It is so important to get this right.

Light is so made and so powerful at pushing darkness out of the way, that aboard military ships at sea when we set a condition called darkened ship (at night), you couldn’t even smoke a cigarette on deck as the light of it could be seen miles away.  Darkness does not have a power like Light does.  They are not even comparable, darkness is not so to speak Light’s opposite.  Man did not invent the atom, but we did uncover it.  When we split the atom and discovered nuclear fission and fusion weapons – we just stepped onto the very threshold of beginning to understand the basics of the power of Light. 

Now we have laser surgery and laser canons, and are learning more and more about the speed of Light.  Which is the speed right below the level the Spirit Realm operates at all the time . . . the speed of Thought.  You see darkness has no power like that – it is just the absence of Light, as Hell is the absence of God.  Light has come into the world, and the source of that Light is about to enter the world.  We are all of us responding to Him.  You are responding to Him right now.  No response is a response, it’s just not the right one.  But you can fix that by coming into the One who made you, he is the Light of men. 

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry 

Looking For – Brother Duke

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