Making of a Monster

We age from the brain down.  By the time we turn 30, we’ve lost about a sixth of our brain mass.  In my early thirties, I noticed I was getting mentally duller.  A sort of dark cloud had set in over my thinking, and my long standing quiet desperation was joined by an impending anger in the atmosphere of my mind.   The foundation for the degenerative brain conditions and dementia that plague the elderly of our day isn’t built in our fifties and sixties, it begins in our thirties, even our late twenties.  That is where the foundation is laid.  Your short term memory begins to slip a little here, a little there, and you actually become aware that you are not as sharp as you used to be.  You can see it, you know it while it is happening to you.  You can see yourself shutting down.

I had been part of the coffee house culture in San Diego since my mid 20’s, and though I wasn’t excessive with caffeine, I did have my double mocha (or something like it) every day for the better part of fifteen years.  As I grew older I shifted to cappuccino’s in an effort to streamline the sugar, as two toxins are more damaging than one.  Besides, if you have an appreciation for the aesthetic, cappuccino’s are much more pleasing to the eye  than most coffee drinks.  At least a well made one is.  But no matter how beautiful the cup a joe, caffeine is still a toxin.  It is a biological pesticide; meaning the plants that make it use it to kill bugs.  We make a drink out of it.  

Now I’ve never been a teetotaler, but have always been moderate, even in my fixations.  Manage your toxins (or poisons) is what I had always  told my clients.  I had been in the health and fitness industry in So Cal for many years as a trainer and nutritionist, and knew that caffeine (as well as coffee) was toxic to my health.  But I also knew that like so many things we ingest, it had a few somewhat desired beneficial effects.  In this case, that of being both a stimulant and a thermogenic.  Providing a dose of liquid motivation while increasing your internal temperature, causing you to burn more fat.  Now that is not why I drank it, there are far superior natural supplements that if taken in the proper dosage and timing, are actually what your body uses to deal with (and burn) fat.  And by the way the eating of fat, the consumption of it is not the problem, and it never has been.  

There are whole tribes in Africa and whole nations like France, that consume much more fat than we Americans do – and don’t have near the heart problems.  It is the sugar, and we have known it for years.  Linus Pauling, the nutrition guru if there ever was one, proved that two decades ago.  Findings of other researchers coming to the same conclusion were published in the British journal of medicine Lancet, at around the same time.  We just don’t want to hear it cause we are addicted to it.  It is sugar that causes the athero and arteriosclerosis of the build up of platelets of plaque on the artery walls, not fat.  And the fake sugars like aspertame, and acesulfame K are even worse for your health.  We are not exactly sure what they do in the body, but it is believed they cause cancer.

Every time your night vision is hit with the headlights of an oncoming car, vitamin A is destroyed in the retina of your eye – every time.  Vitamin E extends the lifespan of every cell in your body, every cell lives longer just because you take it.  Vitamin C is the strongest booster to your immune system period.  It is even better than pure Interferon injections, if it came down to that for you.  Stress alone destroys vitamin C in your system, so does smoking, even second hand smoke.  It is the precursor to collagen, and is used in every step of the body’s synthesizing of collagen.  Which is the most abundant material in your body, making up your skin, a large part of your organs eyes teeth hair bones, etc.  

Vitamin C has more benefit to the human body than anything (including drugs) that we’ve ever discovered.  But I’m telling you it’s not enough.  Pauling took about 18,000 milligrams a day, I take a minimum of 8 to 10 grams a day.  When I’ve been attacked by some of the bugs that have gone around in recent years (some have tried to kill me) – I’ve gotten as high as 50,000 mg plus in a single day, 5 grams per hour for 10 hours.  It kept the death off me for that day.  But it’s still not enough to keep it off forever, because I am dying.  Just like you.  Little by little, every day a little more – my body is wearing down.  But thank God, the life is not in the body.

The life is in the spirit, that is what gives your body life.  When your spirit leaves your soul goes with it, and your body drops to the ground.  The life of the body on a physical level is in the blood just like the Bible says, which is why Jesus shedding His blood is such a big deal.  His death on the cross was a physical historical event, but the real substance of what He was doing was spiritual.  If you don’t know that you miss the whole point.  It was through the shedding of this blood that He laid down His life.  Most of this book and really all  of my writing is about this on some level.  This whole thing has never been about whether or not you are going to die, everybody’s gonna die.  It’s an important part of the process.  The question has always been what does that mean.  Where are you going when you die.  

That fearful word simply has a very different meaning right this minute (and every minute) for anyone who chooses to follow Christ.  It is not that unbelievers have no ideas about death, God or the Bible, they just have a bunch of wrong ones.  They know they are going to die, they just don’t know what that means.  That is why they are afraid.  Many spend their entire lives afraid of dying.  From the world’s perspective, death is not a response to immortality but to mortality.  Well God says that you are Immortal, if you follow Him.  So do you want to believe what death says, because it does have something to say.  Or will you choose to believe God.  He’s the one that gave you the ability to choose at all, and He gave all things that have the ability, the ability to say anything.

For the Christian the best part of this life is to go on into the next, providing you die the right way at the right time.  Which is all tied directly to doing what He told you to do for your life, allowing you to die in Faith.  We have Christians, including many ministers (some walking in great power) who die young and die wrong every single day.  Because they did not do what God told them.  Never mind the heathen.  As a Believer you cannot have a death wish, that contradicts too much Scripture.  But for anyone who really knows the Scripture, and really knows God – we do look forward to it.  Leaving this dying life and its struggle for existence is not a step down, it is a step up into real Life.  The life we were all meant to live.  The Bible is very clear on it. 

Now if you have issues with authority, and God is the ultimate; it is at this point that you will begin shutting down your learning posture and, ever so slightly, take up a defensive position.  But I wish you wouldn’t.  God is not the bad guy in this tale – He is the only Hero.  You and I have been set up through deception by an Enemy we cannot even see, to live in a way we did not even know was bad, and then blame God for the badness.  Which is the best way to stop us from receiving His Goodness.  Which He is the sole Author of.  

The intention of this deception was to blind us yes (like all deception), but it was not alone.  It uses bitterness resentment and offense as food to keep us blind, and keep us tied to the most blinding of all sins – Pride.  We are offended at God.  We are mad at Him.  If you keep depositing His Word into your spirit, it will change all of that.  It is one of the reasons He gave it to us.  But what I want to attempt in the next few chapters is to expose the system of Tyranny (a spiritual system) that has run the world through the thoughts, behavior and attitudes of men since the Flood.  Noah’s Flood of course as it’s called, since Lucifer’s Flood (as it’s called) happened much earlier.  We think long before Adam and Eve.

Now some of you are gonna choke on that including some christians, because you don’t know the Bible.  Even worse for many, the little you know you do not Believe.  That is alright, just keep reading and you will know more than you did before you read this.  The real question is will you Believe it.  Which in christianity is simply a choice, remember.  You cannot be a Christian and not believe the Bible.  Just as you cannot be a believer of the Bible and not do what it says.  The fact that hundreds of millions of people throughout the world do this very sin everyday of their life their whole life long, has nothing to do with it. 

We do not determine the will of God by people’s inability to receive it.  We determine it by what His Word says, which you are given time to get good at.  The opportunity for man to get this right is not over until Christ returns.  Death does not get any of us out of it.  It just removes you from the physical realm to the spiritual realm, where you are no longer able to change anything you did during your physical life, but simply await the Judgment.  Which would really suck if you are not right with God.  This life is your chance to both get it, and get it right.  To get what.  To get Him and His Kingdom – The King and His Way of doing things.  Jesus is The King, remember. That’s why they crucified Him. 

Everybody and Everything we’ve ever done and said – will be Judged. Everybody, everything.  This is not about escaping samsara so you can enter nirvana.  Buddha is in Hell right now.  Besides, there is no such place as nirvana, no way and it’s power (Tao Te Ching) for those unfamiliar with Taoism.  No Zarathustra except at the beginning of 2001: a space odyssey – and in that one he doesn’t even speak.  He has nothing to say.  The Sikhs are still seeking, the Hindus have been confused for longer than any can remember – and kutti pi (cootie pie) is still forbidden in Scripture.  The internal darkness of the Indian subcontinent was legend even in Alexander’s day.  

What is inside you comes out of you, always.  Jesus didn’t come the first time to make your fallen nature better, but to kill it.  He is not coming the 2nd time to run for election, but to take over.  All life belongs to Him, He is the Author of it. Don’t you get it – the whole world system with all of it’s empire, society and culture, it’s sex, lies and videotape – have got it all wrong.  Completely and horribly wrong.  It’s good that everyone liked Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia – but both authors were not only friends, they were devout believers.  Don’t miss the forest for the trees.  Which simply means not to miss the big picture for the little ones, and don’t mistake a part for the whole.  They are two totally different things.  A hand is not a body, nor was it ever meant to be.

We have way too many people who refuse to get submitted to God ordained authority. They are running around trying to be a hand without a body, when they haven’t met the qualifications of being even a finger.  Which stems from nothing more than self obsession advanced through self promotion.  Just because you’re momma taught you how to manipulate and control other people into doing what you want, whether it be through sex, emotions, the right words, intimidation, refusing to do what you know to do, holding back the good that you’re able to do, the charisma of your personality, or the sheer force of your own dominance –  means absolutely nothing.  It just means you are not attached to what God is doing.  Which puts you in the same position as Lucifer, or Judas, or Hitler, or Manson, whatever the name of your favorite tyrant.  Someone who has to force their own will because they refuse to crucify it.  

All of which is on it’s way out, as none of it is part of His Kingdom. You will have some influence, and you will make a difference, but only in the place God assigns you.  Which is what makes it authorized.  Man does not have the answer for solving world hunger or bringing about global peace – man is the problem.  His fall from God’s grace in the garden 6000 years ago is the reason for the mess, and there is an answer.  His name is Jesus, and He is the only answer.  People just don’t like the answer – so they keep looking for a new one.  There is no other.  If you really really knew God as He is, you would love Him instantly.  More than you have ever loved anyone or anything.

God will give you some authority on a certain level, and He wants to, but only after you get to know Him.  All true authority comes from God and belongs to Him.  Many people spend much of their life saying things they are not authorized to say.  Let’s take the recent interest in the theory of global warming as an example.  And it is just a theory.  In case there’s any confusion, let me remind you that a theory is an idea about something that we do not know and cannot prove.  I said we don’t know.  Just because a theory is put forth by a scientist does not make it science.  Any more than something a chef says turns into food when he says it.  Putting a bunch of words together does not suddenly give them meaning, no matter who you are.  

True science is observable, it is provable – that’s what makes it science, and every scientist knows that.  Most just don’t want to talk about this theory that way because they don’t believe in God.  Which is what they’re really trying to say with all this thoroughly modern bull of evolving, doing time on Mars, and radio carbon dating.  They’re all 100% theory and speculation without any scientific backing of any kind whatsoever.  How about getting better at the time we are all doing here right now.  How bout that.  How can we do this without God, how can we get around Him.  That is the only question rebellious man is trying to answer, and has been for millennia.  Well that is a heart posture not an equation, and where that attitude came from is part of what we’re talking about. 

Easily half of what we falsely call science today is nothing but sheer unfounded, unprovable speculation put out by people who hate God.  The guy who came up with the idea of global warming did not get it from studying anything on this planet.  We haven’t been studying anything with the depth or length necessary to make such outlandish assertions.  It was a NASA scientist studying Mercury from a long ways away through a looking glass that said all this stuff.  Well Mercury is a barren, lifeless, inferno of a rock without any atmosphere at all.  He’d do better to go ask Vin Diesel what his character thought of being stranded on the planet Crematoria (the closest Hollywood comes to  Mercury) in the Chronicles of Riddick; a film where the muslims are the downtrodden good guys and the christian like conquerers are the bad guys.  Only deep debilitating ignorance could get it so wrong.  At least he’d learn from an actor who’s helping to tell a story – how to tell a better one.  You may think I’m being sarcastic, but I’m not.  

You need to always know your sources, always.  Find out where people got what they are saying from before you believe it.  What you believe effects everything about you, and the devil knows it.  Which is why he spends so much time perverting belief.  This researcher was either unhappy or needs to get a life, but one thing is for certain; we do not even possess the ability to say what is being said with such an insignificant amount of knowledge.  The data does not support the conclusion, not even remotely.  Everything we thought we knew about the planets in the 80’s changed in the 90’s, and the same from the 90’s into the new millennium – everything.  

All of our former conclusions were wrong, about so many things – and not just due to our Ignorance.  Though ignorance can be a sin if it is willful, which comes from our Pride.  Only ego as the vehicle of pride is capable of stretching such a small amount of rubber with so much hot air, that it could fill a balloon to carry us away to another planet.  It’s the fall that kills you.  After believing such a big lie for so long about a myriad of things, it will be difficult for many to recover.  You were commanded to deal with the atmosphere of your soul surrounding your spirit, contained in the only earth you have any control over – your body.  And you have not.  You’ve refused to.  If you won’t do the little you’ve been equipped to handle, what makes you think you can effect repairs on something you didn’t make and don’t have the capacity to.  Like everything else it was already here when you got here.

The fact that man completely ignores God, breaks all of His commandments.  While agreeing collectively that he should keep at least the minimum necessary to stop civilization from collapsing into anarchy is not new, it is old.  It goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden.  Where the first man got out from under God’s authority, by seeking a compromise. Something in between what God said, and what they heard another god say.  Except this one wasn’t in charge of anything, this god had no authority.  All he had was an Agenda.  Which could only work if he could talk someone else out of their God given authority, and he did.  This isn’t about the sky falling in like chicken little, it is about who’s in charge.  And you don’t have any say over who’s in charge over all, but only in who’s charge you are.  

The one you submit to is the one in charge of you.  That’s what the Bible says.  It is a spiritual Law.  And if you don’t choose the One clearly visible in the Light (all the light comes from Him, all the Light points to Him) – then you get the one you cannot see (who’s hiding in the dark).  Because if you could see him, there is no way in Hell that you’d choose him.  These Truths supersede all the laws of physics, mathematics and chemistry combined – and therefore all true Science. 

Not the modern speculation that has quite intentionally departed from Newtonian Physics, who himself was a Christian.  The science God gave him was provable then as it is now – it was tangible, demonstrable.  It was quite certain and very clear, not foggy.  All of this modern speculation that makes up so much of Archaeology, Physics, Astronomy, Genetics and so on is not a product of any facts.  It is a product of the will of man.  Which is against God, and has been since the Fall.  Thus the need for Him to salvage us, to redeem us, to bring us back to Himself.  It’s not an equation, but an Invitation.  Which means you can refuse.

All physical laws come from Spiritual Laws, all of them.  God is in charge in every sense of the word and could have done it all differently, and in the worlds to come, very well might.  I don’t mean that He will violate His own Spiritual Laws, I mean that He can completely rearrange the physical laws that are subject to them.  That’s what supernatural means remember.  Something that comes in from the outside from beyond the natural and overcomes it, subdues it, and in a very real sense dominates it.  2008 A.D. – Anno Domini, yeah.  The year of the One who dominates.  Well that would be God.  And you and I are still being given time to get right with Him, before the door closes.  Because you have dominated your own life all your life, which was never part of the plan.  You did not in the sense of environment and the things that befell you, but in the sense of your will and your choice of response that comes from it.  And if anything could be truly said to be your own, it would be your response.

Everyone who has ever lived has responded to God, and everyone living is responding to Him right now.  It is just not over yet, and most of the responses are not the right ones.  The proper responses are all in a book called the Bible because none of us have them within ourself, not in our fallen nature.  The Bible is not for God it is for us, it’s the key to His House.  And with God there is no possibility of breaking in.  You will either take the key He gives for free to anyone and everyone who wants it.  Or you will stay with the multiple spiritual handicaps and tremendous disadvantage you were born into. 

All of which disqualify you for  His Kingdom.  A deadly inheritance.  There are no special olympics in the world that’s coming  because there’s nothing broken, nothing missing.  Everything and everyone is truly really beautiful, and none of it is just skin deep.  You just cannot see what you are looking at really is until the end, until we get there. Deception covers everything you see now in it’s natural fallen state, and comes from the enemy of your soul.  Not from God.  Your refusal to know that  is a choice that you are completely responsible for, and without excuse. 

Complete surrender to Him is essential to entering in.  That is why Jesus came, that is  why the Bible was written.  To bring us back to God.  Not to start a religion.  God is not and never has been religious.  He certainly did not give us something like the Bible just so we could refuse to read it.  So in another chapter I’ll tell you about this guy who responded  improperly back near the trunk of the tree, which is why it affects you and me.  Somewhere  between Adam and here.  He started a system still working today, and you and I are a part of it.  But there is a way out if you don’t like where this world is going.  But only one way.  The part of self that does not like that  is the part that is just like the enemy.  You were made that way in the sense you were born into a corrupt system.  Which is why He came to set you free from it.  All you gotta do is say yes.

You may proclaim your innocence in the initial corruption, which is true.  But ever since then we have all been complicit in a thousand ways, as we commit the sin of Adam every day.  Being led by what you feel think or see, instead of being led by what God has to say.  Not having caused the problem – we also didn’t  bring about the solution.  God did that.  We don’t get credit or blame for either.  Your fallen nature  wants to work it’s way back in instead of following His Plan.  Just thinking that we can is part of  the deception. 

God has the solution so set up, so exact, so mathematically perfect, that all we are left with is a choice.  This choice tells the entire truth about you and I, literally and tragically.  All  that God needs to know to make a right, proper, just decision about where we will spend eternity.  It tells Him whose side we are on.  Everybody fails.  Making the wrong choice concerning Him is part of the corruption. I’m here to do my small part and help you with that.  But like all  true ministers, I have power to only do my part.  Without the power I’d just be adding to the corruption.  The power is what changes you.  Both the power and even the desire to draw near it, comes from Him.  Come close and you’ll get some.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

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