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       Listen, catholic is just a Latin word that means universal.  It is not the name of the first church or the original church, and certainly not of any Christian church.  There is a distinction between Catholic and Christian to this very day because there has always been one.  The word catholic in the first several centuries of early Christianity was used the same way we would use Body of Christ or the Church at large, or the global Christian Fellowship – referring to all believers everywhere.  Long before there was ever an official church by that name.  I’m talking centuries before.  This is not something hidden, it’s just something not talked about.  Among clergy, theologians, scholars [on both sides] or just good students of the Bible and Christianity.  It is well known, and always has been.  

In all of the early Christian writings, histories and letters from the Church Fathers (which are all Christian – there are no Catholic ones, Catholicism did not exist at that time) – that’s the way the word is used [catholic], and everybody knows it.   The clergy of both Christians and Catholics just don’t talk about it, because as a rule they just don’t talk.  There are simply places where Catholicism dominates men through religion, and places where Christianity liberates men from this life through Christ’s death.  Which is what Jesus came to do.  Set us free from this world and it’s ways, not rub our noses in it.  And certainly not to start a Religion. 

The difference between the two is not one of preference, buildings, or a more elitist attitude.  The difference is one of Truth, and our response to that Truth.  God’s Truth, not truth as man sees it.  Whether Christian, Greek Orthodox [which is much older than Catholic], or Catholic – it is your Hunger for and knowledge of the Truth of God’s Word that will bring you out of all religion [and religious camps].  And bring you into the glorious light of the one thing you have desired intensely all your life.  A relationship with the God who made you.  If you will but become His little child so that He can be your big Father.

America is the most liberated nation in both the earth and its history precisely because of its Christianity, and the Blessing of God Almighty that goes where He is honored.  Not because of homosexual marriages, public education, free speech, or taxation (with or without representation), politicians, guns & butter, the greatest Navy or Whistler’s mother, the Industrial Revolution was not the solution.  It is by the Goodness of God and no other . . . that we are here.  With the largest middle class ever, living like kings did a century ago.  America is not now, nor has it ever been, a Catholic country.  Like all the other cults, they have always been a very small minority.  

This country was not founded on freedom of religion or belief in any god.  It was founded on the freedom to freely and openly worship the God of the Bible, which is a matter of recorded history.  Volumes of it.  The fact that the liberal God haters hate the God of all History, and the God of our history, should come as no surprise.  They don’t hate gods (they have many of them), they just hate this one.  He is a threat to their fallen nature, a pain in their mediocrity, and an end to their loose living.  He exposes their greedy desire to get – everything.  

We have become a nation with the infected morality of a dying prostitute, who still retains the memory of her original goodness.  Fixated on youth and beauty, films about me, pictures of you – while the Doctor keeps saying yes we are all dying but the sex is killing you.  You were not made for it – it was made for you.  And can only be done properly with one spouse all your life long, whose gender is opposite the gender of you.  

Most single men are not afraid of marriage as much as they’re afraid of marrying the wrong one.  Most people are not afraid of religion as much as they are uncertain of which gathering place is right.  Which so called church to attend.  Even the shift in recent centuries from the original Ecclesia of true Christianity being a body of Believers – to a building called a church filled with churchgoers.  This shift has nothing to do with the Bible and is not born of Faith.  It comes straight out of Religion.

That is one of the biggest difference’s between Catholicism and Christianity.  The man made structure and hierarchy of the church organization of the Catholic church is its life blood.  Without the institution of Catholicism, there is no Catholic church.  I don’t mean it is just essential, I mean that is all that the Catholic church is.  Something made up.  The way you would make up a story or tell a lie.  Men created it out of thin air.  Catholic is nowhere in the Bible, not once.  It has nothing to do with the Bible, in any capacity whatsoever.  And the Bible is the playbook for all of Christianity.  Christians believe the Bible.  There is not something else.  

That’s why outside of some of its clergy, you never meet any Catholics who know the Scripture.  The Catholic church doesn’t insist you read the Bible on your own [God forbid].  They dissuade you from reading the Bible, so that the priesthood can tell you what it says.  It is not about knowing God or understanding His Plan for your life, for them it never has been.  It is about Control.  The priesthood controls everything, and none of it is authorized by the Bible.  Like the media, they are a self perpetuating entity.

As you read this remember it is not about how we feel or what we personally think of religious practices.  What anyone has grown used to from their own experience, or finds acceptable.  It does not matter whether we see any harm in these things, it only matters what God says.  The existence of God is not relegated to our feelings.  This is about what God says in His Word, which is another name for the Bible.  Confessing your sins to a priest and praying to Mary or the saints are not only religious traditions of men, they are completely unbiblical and akin to blasphemy.  Because to do so is Anti-Christ.  Which does mean anti anointing, but it also means instead of Christ.  Such practices are part of the man made structure of the cult and do away with Jesus, or any need for Him.  They in fact replace Him.  In their particular perversion they do Include Him, but that is wholly condemned by Scripture.  

These practices are nothing more than religious tradition which come from a much older pagan religious system called the Cult of Babylon, or Babylonian Cult System.  Which is the oldest religion in the earth.  I realize much of this might be new to you if you haven’t studied these things, but the knowledge of it is not new.  It’s just another one of those things not talked about.  And you cannot say “no, they include Jesus too!”  Because I’ll just tell you what the Bible says – God is not worshipped when He is worshipped also, He’s worshipped when He is worshipped only.  Worship is and was always meant only for Him.  That is why everything else tries to get worship from us, to take it away from Him.

The dominant religion in Rome before its conversion to Christianity [later hijacked by Catholicism] was the Cult of Babylon.  The emperors of Rome were the de facto head of the religion until the late 4th century when the Emperor Gratian refused to carry the mantle the previous emperors had commonly worn, that of the high priest of this most ancient religious system.  Whereupon a slim shady character named Damasus, who was the head of the Christian church in Rome at that time [also called a church Father], immediately took advantage of the opening – bam!   The birth of the Catholic church.  

Now it took centuries for it to organize and grow into the religious system it became, but like all other cults, offshoots and perversions of Christianity, it began with a person.  In this case a man who actually had some authority within and knowledge of [real] Christianity.  Combing that and his office of a church father with that of being the high priest of the cult of Babylon – created the largest, longest running, most powerful christian cult in History.  Don’t despair, the Mormons are catching up quickly (proportionally).  Both of these cults are completely devoid of any of the true power of Christianity.  A power which is Spiritual and comes only from God, and is to do only what He says.  Yet they do have power in the sense of influence within their own camps, like any worldly religions.

To untangle the mess of world religion you can keep it very simple by remembering that they are all followers of a person, or lesser still [for many] what a person had to say during the short time they were here.  Well they all had something to say, but only One had any power.  In fact, now He has all the power.  That was Jesus.  Those who really follow Him walk in that power today on some level.  One of the many facets of that power was the ability to overcome death, which He defeated when He came back from it in the resurrection.  That is what the celebration of Easter is all about, at least on the Christian side of it; the Resurrection of Christ.  

He died so we wouldn’t have to.  He didn’t do it for Himself – He did it for us.  No one else came back from the dead, none of these other fools who started their own religions.  None of them.  There are many Christians raising people from the dead today.  Not a single person in these other religions heals the sick, casts out demons, or raises the dead – because they cannot.  No one in their religion has any power, and you either have the power or you do not.  The rest is just talk.  Now for those of you really searching for the Truth, be sure to key in on what I just said.  If in their pride there are any who think this was written for their approval, it will go right over their head.  God resists the proud.  He does not reveal Himself to them.

Mormons are not some higher form of christians as they think themselves.  They are followers of a dead man named Joseph Smith who was murdered by a mob of his own followers and whose own parents described in detail what a deceiver he was.  Jehovah’s Witnesses aren’t any witness for Jehovah, they are followers of a convicted perjurer named Charles Taze Russell.  And like the Mormons they have written their own bible.  Which has absolutely nothing to do with the Holy Bible of Christianity.  

Calling them Russellites [as I do] would not only be more accurate, it would be the absolute truth!  Christian Science is not the scientific branch of christianity, there isn’t one.  They are followers of a woman named Mary Baker Eddy, who like so many cult leaders was an apostate of Christianity, not an apostle of the Faith.  I’m moving fast here so don’t get lost.  Scientologists aren’t a blend of religious mixologists living in some colony on South Beach who delved into science in their spare time, like some upstanding bartenders who became religious investigators to lead people to the truth at the bottom of a new cocktail (sound silly, so is the religion).  

They are followers of a foolish old science fiction writer named L. Ron Hubbard, who before his death, publicly confessed to his scam.  He was not just a pretender, he was a bad pretender.  Talk about a cheezy B movie.  And now, some professional pretenders in Hollywood can’t get enough of him.  When you die, you go where your god goes.  You follow him after death the same way you followed him before it.  None of them are in Heaven, you have to go through Christ and only Christ to get there.  There is no argument.  For every man it is the same.  You either followed the Instructions laid out in the Bible, or you did not.

Catholics are not followers of Christ.  Most don’t even know Him because they do not know His Word.  They are followers of a man called the pope, who along with the institution he heads, pretends he has the power to let them in or keep them out of Heaven.  Which hardly qualifies as a really bad joke.  Until about 50 or 60 years ago they were called papists, because the pope is the one they followed.  His title[s] pope sounds oddly unchristian because it is not Christian at all and it is not in the Bible.  Neither are the others, pontificus maximus, vicar of Christ.  Jesus didn’t call anybody these things, these men call themselves these things.  

Mary is not the Mother of God, it is blasphemy just to say such a thing.  God does not have a mother.  They just don’t read the Bible.  Mary was a teenage virgin Hebrew girl like many of her day, that God Almighty chose to use as a vessel to bring forth the physical body that His Son would use when He became a man 2000 years ago in Palestine.  That is all, that is it.  She has absolutely no Divinity whatsoever, never has, never will.  Except the access to Divinity that we are all offered in Christ, if we Obey Him.  

You cannot just make stuff up as you go and call yourself Christian, nobody can.  You might as well join the gay church or the church of satan, they have much more in common with each other than anything to do with Christianity.  Error is error, and God has one answer for all of it – a very hot fire.  But you don’t have to go there, nobody does.  Unless they Insist upon it.

The pope is not a successor of the apostle Peter, but of the Roman Emperors morphed into religious authority.  The emperor just changed clothes, that’s all.  Nuns didn’t come out of any part of Christianity.  They are a continuation [idealogically] of the Vestal Virgins of the Roman Empire, pure paganism.  The priests of the Babylonian cult had everyone confess their sins to them so they could know what was going on in the village, and better control or influence events.  Direct predecessors of the cult of Catholicism.  

None of that has anything at all to do with Biblical Christianity, none of it.  Such things don’t even exist in the Scripture.  Yes they can [and do] take fragments of Scripture out of context, and like all religious people twist them to their own ends, and you could make any book say anything you wanted by doing that.  We look at Scripture in the light of other Scripture, remember.  You have to both look at it [in the micro] and take it as a whole [in the macro] because the whole thing is saying something.  It’s not as though these other religions are preaching different versions of the same thing, and Christians have become resentful and afraid of losing their prominence.  Not even remotely.  I wouldn’t even be religious if that were the case.  I would just be a sinner, and I would be good at it.  I  once was.  

Jesus was chosen by God and authorized to say and do everything He said and did, and He had the anointing to back both it and Himself up.  He walked on the water because He had the anointing, He raised the dead because He had the anointing, He cast out the demons and fed the thousands with a handful . . . because of the anointing.  Not because He is the Son of God, He was that before He came down here.  He came [as a man] to show us [men] how this becoming a son of God was done [by a man] so we [men] could start doing it ourselves in His Name by following His example.  

Your life depends on you personally getting a hold of why He became a man.  It was to bring you and I to the Inside because we were born on the Outside.  It was not just to agree with what He did and then keep doing our own thing like we did before He came, or before we came to Him.  That’s all getting saved is if all you did was say a prayer without realizing you just signed a contract in the spiritual realm.  The Bible says that our words contain the power of life and death.  

With your words you signed a contract, a contract to change – and keep changing.  Until you are just like Jesus.  Which you cannot even begin to do alone.  That’s why He sent a bunch of help, which is all described in His Word.  We can only take the help He sent, religion does not have any help.  The help He sent has power to help you become like Him, not to help you with the plans of your fallen nature to avoid Him.  Every single one of these other religions are followers of corrupted fallen men.  They don’t have any power so they cannot help you – He didn’t send them.

              The Catholic church doesn’t have any of the anointing at all because it doesn’t have any of the authority at all.  It never has had it.  That’s not my opinion.  Go check it out yourself, don’t believe me.  Go check out any Catholic church anywhere on the planet at anytime – including the Vatican.  There’s a strong sense of religion but no presence of God.  A clear demonstration of much control, with a complete absence of [supernatural] Power.  And high ceilings do not denote Power.  But here’s the thing you have to check out – the people, especially the clergy.  The Anointing and Authority are not on buildings – they are on people.  Yes, there are some amazing and spectacular buildings, but that is the whole point.  It’s a Disguise.  

You will notice immediately that the people are devoid of  the true Holiness, Peace and Joy that comes from following God [if you’ve never seen these things you may not know what I’m talking about].  Instead they are filled with a long dead, bone dry, deeply powerless Religion run by a bunch of frustrated fussy effeminate little old men.  Who replaced Him as boss a long time ago.  Hungry for power, lonely for love, they are the Institution that has become both the apex and the epitome of everything God never meant the Body of Christ to be.  This is man on his own without God trying to work his way back to God on his own terms.  It is called Religion, and it is a stench in the nostrils of God.

If you’re not following the plan, the mold, the blueprint, the instructions, the order of battle, the building code that He laid out in His Word about His Son – what makes you think you’re a Follower.  You are not a Christian because you call yourself one, or because you go to church.  You are a Christian because you do what Christ did and told us to do.  And even when you miss it, you only know that you missed it because you know what it was that He did.  Don’t speculate on What Would Jesus Do, the Bible is filled with what He did do.  Go do it.

If you don’t know who He is or what He did, that would be the first thing to get right.  By reading the Gospels.  None of these other religions or the people that started them have any anointing at all, because God did not start them and He doesn’t approve of what they’re doing.  They’re not following the example He sent, and there is only One.  God is not religious, people are.  He didn’t Call them to do all this religion, they called themselves to it.

The anointing is Power, remember.  A power that belongs to Him, comes only from Him, and He gives it to whomever He wants.  Scripture tells us how to get it.  This power is to do what He told you to do in His Word, and is not available for any other purpose.  God does not Call anyone to any sort of ministry without equipping them to do what He called them to.  That’s why so much ministry in the earth is such a dismal failure, including most christian ministry.  They were never Called by God.  

The Authority and Anointing are proof to anyone watching (or asking) that you were called by Him.  They are the ID card.  The absence of them is proof that you were not called, even the heathen could tell.  But that doesn’t mean they would believe, believing is a choice, remember.  Most of what you believe before you get redeemed by believing what Jesus did on the Cross, is nothing more than what you want to believe.  

As a true believer, a real believer [as opposed to someone who just says they are] I cannot just believe anything I want.  I can only Believe what He tells me to.  Which is the first thing that separates those who say they follow Him from those who do follow Him, whatever the religious title.  This following Him by doing only what He says is what changes me – and it will change you.  I know that sounds scary to some, but that’s only because you have a lot of wrong ideas about who He is and what following Him means. 

To believe something other than what God has to say about anything is a sin called unbelief.  Everybody who refuses to believe what God says will be Judged for it.  I said Everybody.  Oh yeah!  He’s God just like that!  Just cause you playin’ don’t mean He’s playin’.  He never was.  If you want to get a hold of this thing you must understand this:  Sin is not a view it is a measure;  It is not an opinion – it is an amount.  You and I are being measured right now.  

All sin leads to death, and all death will end up in Hell.  Nothing that dies will be in Heaven, there is no death there, death cannot exist in God’s presence.  That’s what eternal life means – you never die.  Well you have to get a hold of that here, not when you die.  If you die before you get this right, then when you die all you get is death, and it was entirely your own choice.  Death doesn’t have anything else to give you, it can only give you itself.  That’s why it’s so important to get this right, your Life depends on it.  And you cannot say nobody told me, the Bible told you.  It’s telling you right now.  You just didn’t want to hear it.

There is a very real sense in which this whole thing has been a test, you were being proven the whole time.  What was being proven, the thing that was being shown, was whether you would choose to stay in the Sin you were born into [like most] or allow God to make you into a son [like a few] – all your life long.  This thing is so real, it’s more real than anything in the Universe.  But to access it for yourself you have to believe it for yourself.  And get this, you gotta keep believing it until it changes you, which is a continual process.

Before leaving this subject let me acknowledge that yes, there are some real Brothers and Sisters in Christ among the Catholics.  But they are very much the exception, not the rule.  They are true followers [and lovers] of Christ, who just happen to be part of the Catholic religious cult.  Mostly because they don’t know better, not due to any accidental saving of souls on the part of Catholicism.  

Christians are not and never have been what the Catholic church produces, only religion is produced by religion.  And Catholicism is truly a master religion, full of traditions and dogmas and dysfunction that negate the Word of God.  Perhaps in length of days and breadth of influence, it is the master religion.  You can only make what you are, not what you are not.  Everything produces after it’s own kind. It is a Spiritual law.

One of my favorite testimonies includes one such and comes from a well known [former] Satanic priest named Mike Warnke, who’s been preaching Christ for more than 30 years.  He was much maligned [years ago] by some little unheard of publication that took it upon themselves to investigate him when they should have been minding their own business, or doing God’s.  This was neither.  

As anybody would [and could] if you start looking for faults in [any] man of God – you’ll find them, and you don’t even have to go deep.  The problem with Preachers is . . . they’re just like you.  It is the call on their life that is anointed, not their life.  They have to get through the rest of this stuff just like everybody else.  And like you they fail frequently, and sometimes – fall flat on their faces.  

Well, it turned out that Brother Mike had flat out lied about the numbers [greatly] in one instance, of the size of the Coven he was over.  He said 1500 when in truth it had only been 13, if I remember right.  They used this to cast doubt on everything else he said, when this was the only real deception.  Now he shouldn’t have done that, he was as wrong as he could be  And in case there’s any confusion – God hates Lying.  He hates all lies, the Bible is very clear on it.  Don’t you be a liar, about anything.  For the Christian, there are only two options:  tell the truth, or say nothing.  That’s it. 

That’s one of the reasons the Catholic church is such a complete failure in the spiritual realm, because it’s a bald faced Lie.  It will be Judged very soon.  But the reason I brought Mike Warnke into this, is because the Lord took him to a place in his walk with Him and showed him that there had been a woman praying for him every day for 7 years, and if this woman had not been praying for him, he wouldn’t have made it.  Her name was Sister Mary Bonifice[?], and she was a Catholic nun.  God bless her.  I cannot bless her religion.  It is forbidden in Scripture. 

It had nothing to do with her being a Catholic [or a nun], that was incidental,  it was all about her commitment to obey God’s command to pray for your enemies, to bless those who curse you.  Doing what God says will work for anyone who does it, anyone.  That is what we’re talking about here – God’s Plan.  Which is the only thing that brings the results that He promises.  Not any man’s version of it.  If you’re Catholic then like the Muslim, all you need do is repent.  Then get out of that thing, and stay out.  

Don’t wait till it collapses to become a Christian, it might be too late by then. Become one now.  God is not against you He is for you.  He is not mad at you, He approves of you – in Christ.  But everything in the earth and the system running it for the last 6000 years is on its way out, and if you don’t get out while you still can – then when it goes down, you go down with it.  Most people would never gamble with 5 dollars the way they are gambling with their eternity right now.  Are you a gambling man.  The Bible tells us in the book of Hebrews that God is the Author and Finisher of our Faith.  He began it and He will end it.  But He is not obligated to finish anything He did not author.  Stick to the Script.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

Salvation is a Process – Brother Greg

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