Terrorist Religions Hijack

Written in 2002

Hardhearted mean angry woman hating, war loving fascist little religion that it is.  A dictatorship run by a regime of  totalitarian hit men who do not even know what the word Holy means.  They are almost as bad as the Vatican, which is the most corrupt and longest running monarchy (and mafia) in history.  But that’s another chapter. The few good things in their hateful and controlling theology is something stolen right out of  Judaism or Christianity.  And don’t let them fool you into believing that Allah is just their word for the same God Almighty that we serve.  Not even close.  In their own language Allah is a corruption of  Il-lah, the name of their moon god, back when they were a bunch of  pagans. Before muhammad started listening to those demons.

Islam means submission, and  muslim means and is – one who submits.  Now let me make this clear, I don’t have a problem with anyone who freely and voluntarily submits themselves to a set of beliefs if that’s what they want to do.  With or without a gun or an airliner in their hand.  It is Christianity that allows for that – Islam does not.  God Himself is the one who gave us the ability to choose, and requires the proper use of it by anyone who wants to follow Him.  Just don’t force it on other people who don’t want it.  And don’t get mad at Christians or anybody else when you find out you have chosen the wrong door.  You could have chosen the right one.  By the way, it is foolishness to attack a nation that can kick your butt all over the desert – from a distance.  Without ever leaving home, and your camel too.  Foolishness.

Okay I’m back.  Just had to get that out of my system.  Islam perverts that God given choice by enslaving the will (and thus the people) to complete tyranny, and calls it religion.  The devil laughs.  What a perfect alternative to Satanism.  A lot more people for a lot less effort on his part.  Now he’s got men doing all the recruiting for him, by force.  One of the largest religions on the earth.  Man made religion is nothing but a set of rules by which man tries to reach some trailer park god on his own.  So that man himself can be in control, and take all the credit.  Islam is one of the worst.  It is based entirely upon what they do for their god and nothing he does for them.  Their god is so weak that he demands you die for him so he can reward you with some grade school version of  heaven where you get drunk all day surrounded by virgins and brown eyed boys.  I’m sure the women are happy about all that.  I would bet most of  them would leave in a moment if they did not fear for their lives.

Whereas the God of the Bible still loves man, even though He was betrayed by our ancestors.  When they willingly turned the management of the planet over to a fallen angel who hates people.  Lucifer is the inspiration behind Islam and all false religion.  The gods of the nations are idols.  I didn’t say that, the Bible does.  It is God who came up with a plan to get anyone back who was willing to believe.  The plan required His own death, which was something He had never done before.  But was the only way it could work, since men have a free will and were made in His image.  He willingly offered Himself in the hope, that everyone who wanted to come back in would.

Christianity is the only faith by its very definition that allows for the co-existence of religions, or other belief systems.  Buddhism Taoism and Confucianism are philosophies that have been made into religions, they are not religions in and of themselves.  This liberality in Christianity is not because of some common ground or agreement we have with them.  There are not any.  But by the very nature of  Christ and the Bible’s emphasis on free will.  God loves you so much that He will allow you to go to Hell, if you really want to.

Not so in the Mecca of  Islam, Saudi Arabia.   Prince Saud Nasser al Saud whose uncle is the King of  Saudi Arabia, became  both a client and a friend of mine for several months, many years ago when I was at the La Costa Spa.  I had heard that Saudi had religious police and would arrest anyone preaching Christ.  When I asked him about it he told me that it was so.  I think they cut his head off in Saudi a few years back, after being incarcerated in a British prison for murdering his servant lover in a London hotel.  I had known him many years earlier when he was but a teenager, and had been sent by his king to lose some weight.  When he arrived he was 5’4″ and 475 pounds.  By the time he left about a year and a half later, he had lost over 300 pounds.  He had so much excess skin Scripps clinic had to cut it off.  I was glad to hear many years later from another Arab client named Baq’r, whose father was a an ambassador, that Saud had been very committed to physical fitness.

You think people freely join Islam.  Most of the Arabic tribes became Muslim through military conquest.  It is the State sanctioned religion in every nation where it is dominant (mostly poor, uneducated people) – and it is enforced.  It’s a matter of  historical record that Muhammad and his contemporaries practiced slavery, and that it was extended to Africa shortly after his death.  Islam was involved in the slave trade long before they ever taught it to Western Europeans.  And are still doing it long after Christians put a stop to it in their own countries.

In his book Slavery and Human Progress, Davis explains “the Arabs and their Muslim allies were the first people to develop a specialized, long distance slave trade from sub-Saharan Africa.  They were also the first people to view blacks as suited by nature for the lowest and most degrading forms of  bondage.”  Empires have all practiced slavery, starting usually with their own people.  But there it was always and very blatantly done in their own name – through sheer conquest.  Meaning, we are gonna kick your butt and take your stuff  because we can. Then you are gonna come work for us for free – or we’ll kill you.  It was sheer dominance plain and simple.  But this doing it under the guise of  religion in the name of some god was a whole other monster.  Let’s take a closer look at this booger and see what entrails they scraped him off of before we put sharia to a vote in our country.

From 1915 to 1918 they wiped out eighty percent of the Armenian population, one and a half million people.  The massacre took place in Turkey and was both a prototype and forerunner of the Nazi attempt at Jewish extermination some 30 years later.  Hitler referred to it in a famous quote before launching his own final solution.  During the 80’s and 90’s muslims in North Sudan were selling black Christians into slavery.  In 1990 it was believed that Mauritania had as many as 400,000 slaves.  In every area of the world where they are a significant part of the population, they are at war.

Years ago a friend of mine who was a Russian and an atheist pointed that out to me.  Islam is a religion of war.  With most of  the inhabitants of  those nations having little or no choice, and even less knowledge of any other religion.  Especially Christianity.  Here in America because of our great freedom, we have every crazy cult you can imagine.  Including Islam and it’s market savvy offshoot the Bahai and it’s Bab bulling. They are about as original as Scientology.  At least old L. Ron Hubbard admitted publicly that it was all a sham he just dreamt up for the money.  A religion created by a science fiction writer, who would have  thought.  And some poor fools still take it seriously.  Never stepped back to take a look at the package they were signing for.  Wouldn’t even have to be a serious look.

And please, if you’re a heathen and choose not to believe in God which takes a lot more faith, don’t think Islam’s claim to monotheism somehow equates them with Christianity.  It does not.  Satanists are monotheists too, and they are entirely mistaken as to who that one god is.  They have it backwards.  Mary Baxter (an ordained minister with the Church of God) was taken to Hell by Jesus for 30 nights in a row.  She wrote a book about it, well known in Christian circles.  It’s called A Divine Revelation of  Hell.  Every satanist should read it before they go there.  Every preacher should read it so they don’t.  Because there are preachers there too.  In it she describes the unrelenting suffering, the torture, the smell, the groans, and she watches as some of the devil’s followers (a few who won him many souls) come before him at their death expecting their reward.  Their screams are the loudest, the screams of the betrayed.

It’s kinda funny that anyone would expect someone known throughout the world and through all of  history, as the father of  Lies, to be nice to them for helping him out.  What did you expect, flowers.  A parade.  Welcome to the barbecue – your on the menu.  I can hear the dueling banjoes theme from Deliverance in the background.  I might seem here a bit trifling.  But then God hardly considers it a compliment that you choose Him as an alternative to Hell.  It would be the equivalent of  marrying someone who chose you over going to prison, but a hundred times worse.  Do you see the quandary we’re in.  He wants so much more from you, and He has so much more for you.  Back to I slam Islam.

Allah the outlaw does not have any love for people at all.  He should be taken out behind his trailer and shot.  The Quran has no mention of loving your neighbor, your enemies, or even your friends.  In fact the only thing we are told more than 20 times is what allah does not love.  Allah loveth not those who do wrong (sura 3:57), Allah loveth not those who reject faith (sura 3:32), Allah loveth not transgressors (sura 2:190), Allah loveth not the itch in his groin – alright, I made that one up.  And it’s always trying to sound so King James, like that makes it official.  Yeah, and you can go sit in a garage.  That doesn’t make you a car.

You would think they didn’t even know the Bible was not written in King James.  The conversational Greek that the New Testament was written in called koine greek, read much more like the Message or NIV translations.  God’s Word, The Book, the Philips or 20th Century versions of the Bible are all excellent for reading, much better than the KJV.  The Bible was never written in the official language of state, like some court document.  King James did that, and thank God. It was good for the time, but now the language of it is archaic.  These others are so easy to read they make you want to read them.

The Quran actually says that allah forgives whoever he wants and punishes whoever he wishes, I mean like arbitrarily (sura 5:18).  Not so with God.  You do what He says and you’re in.  All the way in, forever.  He could no more go back on His Word than trade places with the devil.  And it’s open to anybody who wants it.  He loves you whether you ever love Him or not, which is one of the simplest definitions for the Hebrew hasid or the Greek agape.  He is in love with you.  If you study it out, you find that Jesus actually died out of  His desire for you. Islam still practices animal sacrifices today, that’s as good as it gets for them.  Get a goat and cut its throat now dosey doe your partner.  Their book speaks more about war and Hell than anything good, and does not define a single virtue.  I said a single virtue.  It is incapable of doing so.

Only random mentions of a few.  In King James of course, to make it sound official.  It’s actually pretty stupid.  Yes I’m laughing myself, I actually brought you all this way just to tell you the Koran (that’s the older spelling, before they got fancy) – is stupid.  It is so stupid!  I mean, you can read any sura (in English), and you’ll just think to yourself – what the Hell are they talking about, that does not even make any sense.  Was I supposed to get something from that.  It’s like you gotta pretend this means something just to be a muslim.  I was trying to be nice, but I’m having to pretend their whole religion is something other than the cloak for male dominance, tribal aggression and outright hatred for Judaism and Christianity that it is.

The New York Times (and other institutions beleaguered from within) have had a very hard time for a very long time – sticking to the truth.  Perhaps I can help start a trend here by doing away with pretense myself.  Then again, they have never been overly concerned with selling the truth anyway.  Say as much as they have been about selling newspapers, or maintaining their status as the Mecca of disposable journalism.  So maybe not.

They certainly covered Clinton and her husband favorably when they were in the House, whose two terms are part of the reason we’re in this terrorist mess.  Yet they never even mentioned the hundreds of  black Christians that were dragged out of their churches by muslims in Sudan, and nailed to trees.  A kind of  low-country crucifixion.  You have to go to church to hear about that (Dr. Kennedy).  And the only place you hear about the weapons that have been found is on am radio, or from soldiers who are in theater.  Some I’ve known for years.

So anyway I cannot pretend anymore, that Islam just wants you to join their church.  When really they just want your stuff, or at least to be in charge of it.  I have a pretty strong imagination but I cannot talk about this god game they are playing with a straight face, not seriously anyway.  Because I personally know the real One and only God.  I’ve been walking with Him for decades as a minister.  And every year has gotten better, as I have got to know Him more.

He is my partner, my friend , the lover of my soul, and my Commander in Chief all wrapped up in One.  He is my counsel and my guide.  He directs me and corrects me.  He pays all my bills and He heals all my diseases, and He wants to do it for everybody.  But you have to come to Him on His terms, which is okay.  Because that kinda comes with being God, you actually get to call some of the shots.  The older I get the more clearly I see the completeness of my error.  Especially in the things I thought about Him, even as I was getting to know Him.  I kept judging Him by the standards of what other men had done to me, and you cannot do that.  He just kept loving me. You have to see Him through His word, which will transform you.

I have got so many more twisted backward and even comical things to tell you about Islam, but they hardly seem important now.  They are so very easy to pick apart.  I think you get the point.  I actually feel kind of sorry for them.  I wish they would repent and come over to our side.  There is plenty of everything in Him, room enough in God for everybody.  But they are like the mormons, they actually believe the stuff they have made up. Next time you see a muslim, just yell out – Quit Pretending!  Maybe we can get a few to join us.  To all the Muslims who really want to know God, I say – Come on in boys the water is fine!

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry



Salvation is a Process – Brother Greg

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