Faith is a Bible word and in its true form relates only to Judaism and Christianity, as all other forms are derivative from this one true source, and are therefore either false or irrelevant to the God of the Bible. Unbelievers are the only ones who go by what they see, whereas faith is all about what you cannot see. If you can see it with your physical eyes then it is not faith, but only the result of it. We must seek God in our spirit to sense faith, and enter into His presence by that faith not by fleshly feelings.

God created the entire universe by His faith, just as we must come to Him in our faith, and you can only access what He has for your life with your faith. Not with His faith. One of His names speaks of Him as Provider, and He wants to provide for everyone, but He provides to you through your faith. Not His ability. If provision was acquired through the ability of God alone, all people would be well supplied and provided for. They are not because He does not.

At no point will He replace no faith on your part with ability on His part. There is no faith in that, and what He wants from you is faith. Your faith. What people fail to grasp is that faith is now and always has been the way back to God. Without faith it is impossible to please Him. Faith is acting on what you believe, or you could say the actions resulting from your beliefs, regardless of your race gender wealth or ability. What Faith is not, is acting on what you see.

The original sin of man in the garden was acting on what he believed, which got him kicked out of Paradise. Adam and his wife acted wrong because they believed wrong, by choosing to listen to a voice other than God. Now we come back in to paradise by acting right because we believe right, by choosing to hear only the voice of God. Hearing is a doorway to the heart (as in core), and with the heart man believes. Not with the head. Heart in scripture is another word for spirit.

That’s why scripture says to guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it proceed the issues of life. No one has ever believed with their head, it is impossible. You can only believe with your heart, because the Bible says so. Your heart is your spirit, and spirit is what you are. None of the sacred books of the heathen religions have anything in them to bring us back to God, except a few stolen verses from the Bible. So believing one or all of them will do nothing for you as it relates to salvation.

Now you cannot define your self and the world around you and be a believer, at least not in the God of the Bible. He created everything that was created, and by sovereign right as Creator has already defined everything within itself. To define your self is to ignore what God has already said, and that is always a sin. We are supposed to say what God says about everything. Your destiny is not some great mystery. Destiny is not for you to decide, it is for you to discover. An acorn contains all the instructions needed for the entire oak tree that’s inside of it, and so it is with all seed.

Science cannot even begin to explain the miracle of seed, only creation does. With man we come to one created so much in the image of God that he contains a measure of the creative ability of God. In that, every thought is a seed every word is a seed every action is a seed, and we will all give account for what we did with that seed. Even our very bodies began when the seed of our father entered the egg of our mother, which is her seed.

According to scripture these bodies we think our own actually belong to God, though we are life tenants of them. We did not make them, nor have any say in their size gender or even the color of their surface. Those things were all there waiting for us upon emerging from the womb of someone else, usually after much stress and some violence on her part. How completely dependent we are on needing much help. Yet we are too proud to ask, and seldom take it.

Well the only way out of this successfully is with a lot of help, and that help from God in this life is called The Blessing. Christians as a collective are called Body in scripture, and are individually called to a body, as each person is a specific body part. And it is only there in the specific place God called you to, doing exactly what He told you to do the way He told you to do it – that any and all of us come up into The Blessing, that only God has for their life.

It might help to see The Blessing as all you have ever needed and all you will ever need to live strong healthy and prosperous, with the soul satisfaction that comes only from doing what you know you were called to do. This wealthy place for every person has only been available since Christ came, and can only be acquired by living the Spirit Led life. Which is exactly why Jesus commanded His disciples to get baptized in the Holy Spirit.

You could kind of compare the leadings of the Holy Spirit with the constant loving direction and sometimes warning of your parents when you were a little kid. Except the Spirit is more subtle and won’t make you do anything. When Jesus said we must become like little children to enter His Kingdom, He was not speaking figuratively. If we refuse to put on the heart of a little child when coming before God daily, we are refusing to be Spirit led. Where we’re going with this is in – what makes one person or nation exceptional.

Without faith it is impossible to please God, and you cannot separate walking by faith from being led by the Spirit. Both are essential to arrive at the place where God will provide everything you need exactly when you need it, and do it every time. This is true for people and it is true for nations, which in the Bible comes from the word ethnos, the root word for ethnicity. There is only one God and He created all men, every tribe and every nation – from one blood. (Acts 17:26)

Which is translated one man in most translations, as the one blood refers to the blood of the one man, Adam. We are all sons of Adam and daughters of Eve. The great misunderstanding inferred from this verse is that this one blood somehow makes men equal, but that is not in scripture and this scripture doesn’t say that. People cannot abide to hear the truth so they hear something else, causing them to believe something else then say something else. It’s all a lie. Men are not now nor have they ever been equal.

Pennies are an exact equal amount, and the one hundred pennies that make up a single dollar are exactly equal to each other. Only liberals communists and fascists view people in the mass this way, as it supports their cattle drive ideology and expectation of equal productivity per unit, fueled by an equal amount in provision of the state issued grey oatmeal per bowl, within each workers stall. Which conveniently, could double as their government sanctioned living quarters, were the masses willing to go that low. Usually in the mass, they are.

Yet it is not pennies to the dollar or cattle to the market, to which we have been called by Scripture itself. It is only and always to a body. We are in every sense a body of believers, because we are by the very design and purpose of our Creator, contrasting body parts. Many completely different members called to one and the same body. Possessing a single head from which all the various parts receive the exact same instructions – grow up into what God made you. Which is a lot like Himself. Starting with the faith and patience needed to acquire anything. Like your own wheelbarrow to carry your own cement.

Egalitarianism is not a Biblical concept, it is a secular philosophy attempting a social construct, by espousing the equality of all men. Well men are not equal anywhere in the world, at any time in history in any society, ever. Get over it. This is not your world – the earth is The Lord’s! What He says goes, and if you don’t let Him be your God then you gonna go! To a place that was never meant for men. That’s what Hell is, a prison of the hottest fire and deep darkness that was never intended for men.

It is filled with screaming souls, pregnant with hatred offense and strife. Billions of them. Jesus died so every one of them and every one of you don’t have to go there. If you went for two seconds then came back, by the time you stopped screaming, you’d never talk smack about the things of God again. Never. But our rescue by Jesus from the pit is called salvation, it is non negotiable, and it is conditional. The condition of getting His grace is your faith.

We are saved by grace through faith, and using your faith to get everything He has for you including salvation, is the non negotiable part. He provides the grace, you provide the faith. While speaking earlier about living by faith I said it could not be separated from being Spirit led. Well what the Spirit does is speak in to your spirit by what is called a witness or a knowing, and faith is acting on what you believe in line with what God said. So that if simplified would be, what the Spirit says – you do.

Which brings us front and center to the dilemma facing a loving God without sin, confronted by a world of people filled with sin, who were all originally made in His image but now long since perverted, and bound for Hell. If He wants to salvage the ones who will be saved, how does He separate them, from those who will not be saved without violating their free will. These are people after all who plainly love their sin or at least don’t mind it very much, and make up the majority of the entire population worldwide.

Well I don’t know how you or myself would do it, but let me tell you how God did it. When man fell in the garden it was through the doorway of unbelief and disobedience, which is why we have to come back in through belief and obedience. Well acting on what you believe is faith and faith is an obedience. Actually God ties all of our belief in Him and all of our love for Him to obedience, all throughout Scripture. Study it for yourself and you’ll find it to be true.

Grace in the Bible means God’s willingness to use His power for good, on your behalf. That’s why the Fall of man is called that, it was a fall from the grace of God. Where everything was well provided always lovely and continually perfect, man and woman were beautiful, without pain sorrow or suffering of any kind. Paradise was lost and through Christ paradise is restored, for all who will have it. For everyone who has ever lived still exists, and they have all been invited. Most do not value the invitation.

You cannot buy the Blessing. Nor can you commandeer it or manipulate it. Blessing means empowered to prosper, and it is the very force behind one nation prospering over another throughout history. Nebuchadnezzar was Blessed by God as king of the Babylonians, as was Cyrus the great king of Persia, then Alexander as King of the Grecian Empire. Then Rome as they inherited the relationship with Israel that contained the Blessing before Christ came. Then Europe in all of her Christianity coming after Rome. But what we are really talking about and know in the Bible as The Blessing, can be traced all the way back to the covenant between God and Abraham. Only those who come to Christ get in on it, though everyone wants it.

Even now most people try to get God to Bless their plan, but that is not how it works. The Blessing of God is on the plan of God no matter what your skin color, and He will not Bless your plan or any plan. He already has a plan of His own. He chose a people, Israel, as a landing place, for the sole purpose of bringing forth Messiah (which is Hebrew for Christ). Jesus is the One who had The Blessing all over Him. Throughout the entire earth we can see different tribes living in varying degrees of darkness. Africa and India live in the same darkness to this day that they’ve lived in for centuries, along with much of geographical China as opposed to the modern cities which are made up entirely of technology that came only thru the West, and much of that was stolen. Messiah and those who come to Him being made One, fulfills The Blessing.

No tribe on earth could help others until the light of God came into them. Technology is a type of knowledge revealed like all knowledge, by God to men. It didn’t come from all tribes, it came through the ones who had the light of God. The people of these tribes were not chosen because they were innately better, all men are lost and in the dark without God. Yet all men are made better by the light, and Christ is the Light of men. The advent of telegraph to cell phone, radio and television, machine and computer, auto and airplane and yes, even the internet, were allowed by Him and whose knowledge came from Him – for a single purpose : To spread the Gospel, to get the Word out about Jesus. Everyone else is just along for the ride. We get to use these things too, but they are not here for our purpose. They exist for His purpose alone and are part of The Blessing.

As far as America and her former time in The Blessing, our country did what no other victor or conqueror has done in the history of the world. We went in and rebuilt the nations that were destroyed in the war that we won for them. We did this in both Europe and Japan, and we did it because of our Christianity and for no other reason at all. American Exceptionalism stemmed solely from the belief of our people that God was using our nation to do good and great things in the earth as part of His will, and that we like England before us, were equipped and empowered by His Blessing to do just that. It has not been taught in our schools for decades, but it used to be. Obeying God makes any people exceptional.

Do we believe lies about ourselves as a constant norm every day of our lives. Yes, yes of course we do – and everything being spoken here is from the only perspective which lines up with the Word of God. If you don’t know that pride is the main sin in your life and in every life, and that it consists largely of improper attitudes stemming from wrong beliefs – then sin has deceived you. Pride is a deceiver. It is the very essence of the fallen nature that what we believe about who we think we are and what we think we have done – that is completely different than what God will say about the exact same things when we stand before Him in the Judgment.

Gain (you adding to you) is not Godliness. Not gain from this fallen world. It is the will of God for His people to prosper, but not the way the world prospers. To prosper in your soul is of far greater value than any amount of money. And nothing is more prosperous than becoming more like Jesus, who lived continually in The Blessing without a single interruption. That’s where God is taking us, as we give our utmost for His highest. Back to paradise restored where nothing is missing and nothing is broken, everything is right and everything true, and only good exists in pure light with beautiful sound and lovely fragrance in a pleasing aroma continually. That is just the smallest glimpse, but that’s Heaven.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

Spirit Led – Pastor Nicholas

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