That Which Makes You Stumble

One of the most tormenting things in life is not knowing. Not knowing God’s will for your life, not knowing what He expects of you today. This not knowing is darkness, and there are entirely too many christians walking in too much darkness. You can actually only stumble in darkness, just as you can only walk in the Light. Both of them are spiritual. All people are born into it, but it is not God’s will that any remain in it.

You can shake hands and shuffle and wheel and deal, wake up early and stay up late. You can earn a hundred fortunes, and make your name great.  Own big factories and spacious houses in many different lands.  You can literally gain the whole world, but if you lose your soul – what have you got.  Trying to make themselves rich causes many to stumble.

Instead of drawing close to God, they try to secure their financial future. Get themselves a nest egg. Trying to provide for ourselves and meet our own needs is a kind of darkness in the spiritual realm. The Bible calls it Unbelief. God is our provider, including the provider of your job and your future. Only for those who involve Him in their decisions.

There are so many who are stumbling from some sort of offense or unforgiveness. Others are just mad. Mad at some family member, mad at the Preacher, mad at God – it’s everybody’s fault but their own. That is a lie. Anytime we’re in darkness it is entirely our fault. It does not matter what else was going on with other things, that were from God. He was always dealing with us in the midst of our trials.

God has showed us some things in our spirit, and we are just not doing them. How much we esteem the little things He has already given determines if we’ll get more. More little things.  He is never going to sit down and show you the whole thing. That whole idea comes out of thinking you are God, which is part of our fallen nature. God has a Kingdom and it must replace your kingdom.

We’ve all made mistakes, but if you want to get out of the rut you’re in spiritually, mentally, maritally, financially, in your relationships – wherever. Then you have to be brutally honest with yourself. Go back to the last thing God told you to do, and do it. It will probably be a little thing, and  unattractive to your flesh, while seemingly unrelated to what you want. Yet it is the key to your freedom.

We have to pass tests to come up higher. Or we can stay in the ditch we’ve fallen into. He’s not going to help you out of it to go back to doing what you want.  His help is only given to help you do what He tells you. Doing both the last thing He told you and everything He tells you is part of the test. Do that and you will get some more light. Which will only take you to the next step. The whole process is meant to wear your flesh down while building your faith up. But we must submit ourselves to the process.

It’s easier just to quit. It takes effort to believe God and keep believing God. Especially when others are quitting all around you. You don’t see His promises coming to pass, it gets worse, and time goes on, and you still don’t see it. It’s so much easier just to give up, and water down the Word to match your experience. Instead of sticking to it until your experiences line up with the Word. It’s not enough to believe God. You have to believe God until.

Paul declared something about all the circumstantial things that happened to him and around him, good or bad. He said – “these things don’t move me.” You have to be the same way. Don’t follow how you feel about the promises of God. In that sense your feelings are meant to distract you from what God has for you. They are part of your fallen nature, and He does not lead anyone through that. Ever.

Follow His promises, not how you feel about them. God cannot get through to you if you’re caught up in the fog created by spirits working behind what you can see and feel. The whole reason they come is to get you to follow them, but they are not from God. Jesus warned us that many would be deceived, and to watch out for all the false in these Last Days.

Patience has been so misunderstood, it’s gotten a bad wrap. Patience is highly desirable and most essential – to just Finishing. Like so many words in the Bible it has a very negative connotation. Patience is not an option. All the promises of God come through Faith and Patience. We must desire patience, or at least be willing to learn to desire it. Brother Copeland calls faith and patience the power twins, and that’s exactly what they are.

Our first step in coming back to God was a promise to change. Well what has to change. Anywhere, anywhere at all where what you believe right now does not line up with the Word of God, right now. Long after you’ve accepted Christ as your Savior, got Baptized in the Holy Spirit, read your Bible, praised and prayed every day – you’re still gonna have to spend a lot of time not sinning and waiting on God to bring His Promises to pass in the earth. He does it that way on purpose. It proves that you mean it, and He only wants those who mean it.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

Looking For – Brother Duke

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