One New Man

      Zionism is not the religious racial preference for one ethnic group over another, as though God was a racist.  Though it’s long been thought of as such, nothing could be further from the truth.  Zion is simply the headquarters of the King, the place where Messiah will rule and reign during the Millennium.  Christ is the Messiah.  All the orders will come out of Zion, as it is the place where the seat of authority sits.  We are not talking here about what the rest of the world thinks, we’re talking about what the Bible says.  The Hebrew Tanakh and the Christian New Testament together.  The world has always been wrong about God, and is in fact  opposed to Him.  The world does not want God to be in charge, does not want Him to decide what is right and what is wrong, does not want Him to be The Judge, and will not submit to His authority.  It is the only place from which all authority comes.  In essence, the world does not want God to be God, which is why He is not for so many.         

        Zion is a mountain in Israel, but God could have just as easily picked some other mountain in the Rockies or Himalayas.  It is not the mountain itself that is special on it’s own, it’s just a heap of dirt and rocks.  The fact that God has chosen to rule from Zion is what sets it apart.  His being there makes it special.  Zionism is nothing more than God having declared His plan for all mankind in His Word which is the Bible.  Culminating in the return of the King who will set up his own government on the earth for a 1000 years (called The Millennium), which will be centered out of Zion.  Every Bible believing Jew and Christian believes this.  If you call yourself a Jew or a Christian and don’t know this – then you need to read your Bible.  If you know it but don’t believe it, then you are not a believer.  Which means you’re not really a Jew or Christian, you just say you are.  Believers believe the Bible. 

        There is no use arguing that Jews don’t believe in Christ, that just shows you don’t know the meaning of the word.  Christ is not the Lord’s last name, it is the Greek word for the Hebrew word Meshiach, where we get the word Messiah from.  Christ was and is the Messiah.  Don’t wait till He shows up again to get ahold of that.  There isn’t any disagreement in the Scripture, no doctrinal divide.  You either don’t know the Scripture, or you just don’t believe it, which is why you have to read it.  Read it until you do Believe it.  That takes the onus off God and puts it back on you, where it belongs.  God is not confused nor has He messed things up, He knows exactly what He’s doing, and has told us all about it.  It is all in His Book.  Even that wild donkey of a religion calls us the people of the Book, in their book.  One of the few things they actually got right.  If you want to kill Allah, all you have to do is read the Bible, and he’s dead.      

The whole purpose of Judaism is the coming of the Messiah.  If you say you’re Jewish by faith as opposed to just ethnicity, and you’re not expecting The Meshiach, then it’s not your faith, it’s just your ethnicity.  Which means absolutely nothing and is completely void of all spiritual value in relation to God and the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible), which is the Christian Old Testament.  The Hebrew Bible is nothing but an agreement (a Covenant) between God and a man named Abraham, who was not a Jew he was a pagan.  He worshipped the moon, as did also the Arab tribes until Muhammad got them to follow him, back in the 7th century.  

The nation of Israel which began as a man named Israel (Jacob, the grandson of Abraham), then as the 12 sons of that man which became the 12 tribes of Israel.  That was only a partial fulfillment of that covenant God made with Abraham.  The Old Covenant contains The New Covenant within it, and that New Covenant is the Messiah!  There’s not something else.  Hundreds of Scriptures in the Tanakh tell of Him and His coming, both the first and the second time.  That’s mostly what the apostle Paul writes about and explains in detail through his letters, which are the largest part of the new deal (as I like to call it).  Paul was a Jewish religious legal scholar, which is what pharisees were.     

The old deal didn’t fail, it did exactly what God intended it to do.  It established a landing place (a legal one) for His Son among a particular people in the earth.  So that He could get back in man so to speak, and stop as many as He could from going to Hell.  God had to get Abraham to freely offer his son Isaac, so that He in turn could offer His Son Jesus.  That is covenant, and was the main point of God entering into it.  So He could help everybody who would take His help to get back to the highest, the high life, better than the good life – the God kind of life.  The way it was before the Fall.  You don’t get there because you say so, or by a path you choose, and certainly not by blowing a bunch of people up.  You’re not God and it’s not your life.  

And you cannot say you didn’t know because it’s all in the Bible.  Which is the place where He tells you what is going on, and what your place in that is.  What you mean is you never read the Bible, not really.  Or that if you did read it, you did not believe it.  Yeah, well that happens to all of us.  It is the condition we’re born into, that’s what Fallen means.  We are actually born with a nature that opposes God.   We need a lot of help to not oppose Him.  Which He has already given us in Christ, but we have to let Him be God to get it.  Otherwise you’re just left the way you are, which is on your way to Hell.  Because it’s all about authority, and the one who’s authority you were born under.  All of our lives we say what our god says, and when we die we go where our god goes.  You do not get to choose when you die, that’s when we find out what choice you made.  Not choosing God is a choice.     

He could have chosen any people, He chose Israel.  You cannot get mad about that, it’s not your choice.  It is almost funny the things people get mad at, it’s also tragic.  Getting offended will cost many their souls, especially in these Last Days.  Christianity is the next step in Judaism, and is what ushered in Messiah.  Jesus coming back is the next step in Christianity, and will usher in the Millennium.  Though there are a few things that will happen before that, I mean in the next few years.  You can now see if you choose to, that Israel was God’s way back in.  Christianity was how He spread the good news, and as soon as all who will come in do come in – BAM!  Jesus comes back.  That is not when you get to decide, that’s when you will be running to Him, or running (and screaming) from Him.  You see this time He will not be coming as the Savior of the world. He already did that.  This time He will be coming as the conquering King, and He won’t be coming to take sides.  He will be coming to take over.  Which will take about a second.  

I am not telling you this like a pastor would cause I’m not a pastor.  I am a prophet, and I represent the government of God, like all prophets and apostles.  Pastors represent the church, the flock, the body of believers.  You do need to hear what a real pastor has to say.  Someone like Joel Osteen or David Jeremiah, John MacArthur or T.D Jakes, John Hagee or Michael Pitts. Though Michael is also an apostle.  But you also need to hear what a prophet has to say, just like you need to hear what an evangelist has to say.  Billy Graham is an evangelist. So is Benny Hinn.  Joyce Meyer is a teacher.  Kenneth Copeland is an apostle.  None of us fill the other’s office, but only the one God called us to.  Though some are called to more than one office.  It is our job as the 5 fold ministry to get Christ formed in you, but it is not our job to keep you in Christ.  You have to keep yourself in Christ, once He gets in you.   I cover how to stay in Christ in another chapter.        

What you have to see here is that because of what happened in the garden of Eden the entire world is a prisoner of sin.  The whole world and everybody in it, and the Bible says so.  So the Law was given, which is the Torah of the Hebrew Bible.  But the Law is not based on faith, nor can it save anyone.  It was never intended to.  The Law came to convict us of sin and show us where we are not like God.  But its main purpose was to bring us to Christ.  Who is just like God, and came to help us be like Him.  But you have to want it, or it does not work.  That is what free will does, allows you to say yes or no.  Now God’s will ultimately will come to pass in it’s entirety, it just will not come to pass for you if you choose for it not to.  So everybody is in sin, the Law came in to show us that, and Christ is God’s only answer for it.  There is not something else.  

We are all to become sons of God through faith in what Christ did on the cross.  Which was to change the wrong standing we were in with God because of sin, into right standing with God because of a payment made by a friend.  All of the great stuff, all of the heavy lifting, all the most important things were done in this payment.  God has it set up in such a way because of free will that all you can do is either believe this or not believe it. Which is simply a choice.  That is the plan.  You can either submit to it or do not.  But nothing you can do or say will change it.  It will only keep you out of it.  This is not a democracy, which is why many who live in nations where they get to elect those over them won’t be able to get ahold of this.  They will choke on it.  I did not say they cannot get ahold of it.  I said they will not.  It is a choice.  The first step right off the bat is to realize you are not in charge. That will help a lot.         

Another thing Christ came to do that so many Christians and Jews miss, is that He came to unite all people in Himself.  Before Jesus came, there were only 2 groups of people in the earth.  Jews and gentiles, or nations. Which really means those inside the Covenant and those outside the Covenant.  Gentile does not mean non-Jew, it means without God.  If you are a Christian, you are no longer a gentile. You are not without God.  You are in fact in a covenant which is better than the old one, and the Bible says so.  There is no such thing as a gentile Christian, the words contradict each other.  

Well the Jewish people did not come from outer space.  They were part of the nations themselves before God called them and separated them to Himself.  To fulfill this deal with Abraham, who is the father of all who believe because he was the first one to believe.  Again that is Bible.  Not to believe in Abraham, that is nowhere in Scripture.  But believe in what God did through Abraham, which was to Bless all nations through his Seed.  The apostle Paul explains how the word Seed was referring to One Man, not a group or ethnos of people.  That one man was and is the Man Jesus Christ.  The way into God’s Kingdom is open to anybody and everybody, but it is His way and His Kingdom.  He is God. That comes with the territory.  

Any attempt to come to Him any other way, I said any other way, is simply refusing to let Him be God. And in essence calling Him a liar.  The 1st epistle of John says it plainly.  All other religions, all of them, are simply refusing to let Him be who He says He is.  And trying to get to Him their own way by creating their own little gods who will do what they say.  Calling that the God of the Bible.  Well man’s been doing that long before Jesus came, and is still doing it today.  Nothing new.  Most people simply do not know history, and understand religion even less.  There has never been a society as disconnected from their past and each other, as we are today.  Never.  I mean that both generally and specifically.  More so of course for the 1st world modern nations.  The modernity is part of the disconnect.

Well none of that was ever God’s will.  It’s just how man is on his own.  It was never God’s will that you be lonely, afraid, hungry, unloved, in any kind of pain, or without anything that was intended to make you whole and complete.  Nothing missing, nothing broken.  He had to show Himself to somebody, well that people He showed Himself to was Israel.  He wants to get back in everybody.  It was never just about Israel, and that getting back in is called salvation.  Which must and can only be acquired individually, as the free will of each individual is sovereign.  It is not about joining some group, or even the right group, in a social, political, or elitist sense.  It’s about finding your place, your place in Him.  There is a place in Him for every person ever born, everyone who has ever lived.  But you have to come up into it.  

In a very real sense the devil has been completely and totally defeated, technically.  As it relates to us, our free will, and accessing what God has for us.  But that technicality must be enforced in the life of each individual.  Wherever it’s not being enforced, the devil operates within the sphere of that life with impunity, as though he was never defeated.  Salvation the way the church uses the word, is actually the very beginning of a process, and is the first step in that enforcement.  Which again, is individual. 

There is a collective element to it, but there is so much confusion and error put out by the very thing that calls itself the collective – because it is a usurper.  Christ never came to start the modern institutionalized religious structure called the church.  That word is not even in the Bible.  Jesus started the Ecclesia.  Man replaced the Ecclesia with the church, which is covered in another chapter.  One more thing before leaving this subject.    

The covenant that God made with Israel was very conditional, the conditions were called Laws or Commands.  Every Promise in both the old and new deal has conditions.  God wants you to come into all the promises, but our part is to obey (or keep) the commandments.  There is no use quoting salvation is by grace alone, because even grace has a condition.  The Scripture actually says “You are Saved by Grace through Faith.”  Faith is the condition of Grace.  Grace in it’s larger Biblical definition means God’s willingness to use His power on our behalf for good.  If you believe in God you believe that He can do you good, you’re just not sure if He will. 

Well grace tells us that He not only can, but that He wants to and He will.  So grace is His part (one of many), but faith is our part.  Faith is acting on what you believe without seeing it.  Faith is not an option – faith is an act.  If you are not acting on what you believe then you are not in faith.  I’m taking the time to tell you all this because I’m about to point out an error in the collective Jewish thought, which is one that Christians are just as guilty of.  Which is that the conditional covenant has been turned into a doctrine of favoritism; the mindset that God will bless us no matter what.  Which of course is a complete fabrication and entirely man made.            

Most of my Jewish friends over the years have been atheists, just like much of Israel.  Though they celebrated some of the holy days, they seldom went to temple, if ever.  The amazing thing to me is how many Jewish non believers or partial believers I’ve met over the years who think they are the only ethnicity whose bloodline is pure so to speak, going back thousands of years.  Or that the blessing of God is upon them in spite of their unbelief and disobedience, that they are somehow God’s Blessed people no matter what they do.  No no, not even close.

Such an attitude shows how incredibly little of the Torah and Tanakh are known by those with such a view.  There are spirits in the earth assigned to get you to believe a lot of junk like that, as well as every other lie.  Even the Scriptures that speak of Israel as God’s chosen people make it clear that the being chosen is based entirely on who He Is not who they are.  

He did not choose them because they were holy, just the opposite is true.  God will make them holy because He chose them.  Just as with the true Christian; He will not love you because you are good – He will make you good because He loves you.  I said earlier that the whole purpose of Israel was and is the coming of the Messiah, which was for all of the people on earth, not just Israel.  And out of Messiah came hundreds of millions of followers that have been called Christians ever since.

You could just as easily have called them Messianists, or Messianics – followers of the Messiah.  The Hebrew word for who Jesus was and is, the Christ, the anointed One, the one with God all over Him.  The first time Jesus came it was to become like us men.  When He comes again, those who truly believe (which is a process) – will be like Him.  In Him, there is no Jew or gentile, barbarian or Scythian, slave nor free.  We are all one in Christ Jesus, together in Him we are the one new man.

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

Salvation is a Process – Brother Greg

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