Hostile Inside Me

Wisdom is skill in the art of living, and much of it includes seeing things the way God sees them. There is a worldly wisdom that involves getting over on your brother and always angling for position to do so, to give any advantage to self. Which of course makes it selfish, as opposed to the wisdom from above which is only giving by its very nature, as it is the nature of God. Wisdom was there when God created everything, and it was actually by this same wisdom that He created all things, just as we are told in Proverbs. There is no greater wisdom than the wisdom of God, and He desires all of us to have it. If you are going to get wisdom then you have to know where to put it, because it only goes one place. Wisdom is heart knowledge and only exists in your heart.

Bible meanings and words are the source for much of our language, and it is only there we find what the heart of man is. Many people have no idea why they are here because they have no idea what they are. And what we are is spirit. Man is a being which is spirit and is created in the image of God who is a Spirit being. The word heart in more accurate translations of the Bible is just another word for spirit, and we believe that is what we are because the Bible tells us so. It is here in our spirit where this heart knowledge of wisdom resides. Simply knowing what we are will make all the difference in knowing why we are here. We are here to become like God by first becoming like His son, who is just like Him.

Refusing to join with and become like this One who created all things by His wisdom, ends only in Hell. Not from any sort of unkindness, it is the goodness of God that leads men to repentance and His kindness which invites us all to become sons. This whole thing is a matter of authority and you can place your self under the authority of the One who created every good thing, or stay under the authority of the one who messed everything up. Doing neither was never an option for anyone but only part of the deception, which is the very language used by the one who messed it all up. This is continued by all who follow him as they spread the mess up, which is called sin.

What God created with His words is affected by His words, and He created the entire universe with His words. God did not write the Bible for Himself, He had it written for us. It is filled with His thoughts and with His words. The entirety of scripture is filled with the combination of words provided by Him but that are for us, joined with the faith of the individuals saying His words or acting on them. These faith filled words are how God does everything, and we are commanded to follow His example by using the words He has given us filled with our own faith. Faith of what – faith of what we are doing that He told us to do in His words. Because faith is acting on what you believe without seeing it. True faith is all about what you cannot see, if you can see it then it is not faith.

Men in their fallen state focus on their intellect, while men on an even lower level of that same fallen state focus on their emotions or lower still on their body. It is from men following the voice from these lower states of being that seek to understand God before believing Him. God being God gets to call the shots here, and being that He is in charge and not confused about it – He insists that we believe Him. Our understanding Him is not the chief concern of God, our believing Him is. We cannot come to God with the reason and logic of our intellect trying to explain existence and meaning as the primary part of our being, He did not make us that way, and reason and logic have never explained existence and meaning. Nor can we look for Him in our feelings and emotions which change for little or no reason.

God does not speak to us in our feelings or emotions and He does not speak to us in our body. He is a Spirit and He speaks to us in our spirit. Scripture tells us that the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, and elsewhere that those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. To be even more exact about it we must understand that God is a word speaking spirit. We are word speaking spirits made in the image of our God who is a word speaking spirit. So now that we understand ourselves to be spirits who speak words, let us look at faith just a little. As it is spoken about extensively in our other book, and to some degree in this one.

If you own a donut shop and get up every morning to drive your car to be at work by six o’clock, and make a lot of good donuts for people to buy and eat, then I am glad about it. As right along with many other of my fellow countrymen, I appreciate a good donut. Now even though some low level of faith was employed in doing just about everything you did that morning, it is not the kind of faith God wants from each of us. Donut faith will not make it to Heaven, nor car faith or money faith or having a baby faith. These are all things provided by God which we use or enjoy, but we did not make any of the things they come from, and even our very ability to do anything itself comes from God. The faith that God wants comes from doing what God says, and most of what He has already said is in His book called the Bible.

Just as many different aspects and knowledge of different parts of the same thing all come together in making donuts, different things God has said all come together in making us sons of God. And make no mistake about it, sons are what God is after. Male sons and female sons as son is a position, not a gender. What He is not looking for is a bunch of people who don’t want to go to Hell, which the world is already filled with. Heaven will not be filled with people who didn’t want Hell, it will be filled with people who on some level are becoming like Jesus. As this was the very example given to us by God of what He meant by the word son. God will not make you do anything and He is not keeping anyone out of Heaven, people simply refuse to come in by doing the things God requires to get in. The coming troubles that hit right after the rapture will inspire many to a more proper desire for Heaven.

Most of the promises of scripture including salvation consist in things we could never do on our own, but there is not a single promise in scripture without a condition. We are saved by grace yes, that is the promise. What is completely ignored by almost everybody is the condition, and the condition of salvation is our faith. The promise is the part only God can do, and the condition is the part men must do if they want to see Heaven. As we read and keep reading anything written by the Holy Spirit there is something on the words called the anointing. Which is actually a low level of God’s power, changing you just a little each time you read it. While giving you both the strength to meet the condition and the desire for the promise. These two books, the Bible and all of the many many books written through men by the Holy Spirit are really all about those two things, the promise and the condition . .

Brother Greg
Full Grown Ministry

Salvation is a Process – Brother Greg

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