What fresh Hell is this

          If you spend your life seeking answers instead of God you will never find them. Not the real ones. If instead you seek God you will find Him, and all the answers along with Him. If you do not personally know Him, then you never personally sought Him. You might... Continue Reading →

Playing to the Crowd

At the same time that European Society was becoming less certain as to exactly what they believed about God and who He was, their lines of Morality started to blur as did color and detail with the Impressionists - a process of declining delineation.

Cath a holic

These practices are nothing more than religious tradition which are actually part of a much older pagan religious system called the Cult of Babylon, or Babylonian Cult System. Which is actually the oldest religion in the earth.

Making of a Monster

We age from the brain down.  By the time we turn 30, we've lost about a sixth of our brain mass.  In my early thirties, I noticed I was getting mentally duller.  A sort of dark cloud had set in over my thinking, and my long standing quiet desperation was joined by an impending anger... Continue Reading →

Pretend Faith

Remove the power that comes only with being baptized in the Holy Ghost, and all you have is Religion. Dead dry, poverty stricken, working for a living . .

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