Hostile Inside Me

Wisdom is skill in the art of living, and much of it includes seeing things the way God sees them. There is a worldly wisdom that involves getting over on your brother and always angling for position to do so, to give any advantage to self. Which of course makes it selfish, as opposed to... Continue Reading →


Faith is a Bible word and in its true form relates only to Judaism and Christianity, as all other forms are derivative from this one true source, and are therefore either false or irrelevant to the God of the Bible. Unbelievers are the only ones who go by what they see, whereas faith is all... Continue Reading →

That Which Makes You Stumble

One of the most tormenting things in life is not knowing. Not knowing God’s will for your life, not knowing what He expects of you today. This not knowing is darkness, and there are entirely too many christians walking in too much darkness. You can actually only stumble in darkness, just as you can only... Continue Reading →

True Faith

Faith is more powerful than any Disease. Faith is more powerful than the tallest tidal wave, or any force of nature. Faith is more powerful than a thousand hydrogen bombs going off at once, one of which is more powerful than an atomic bomb. Only true faith is like this. It really is, and you... Continue Reading →

One New Man

      Zionism is not the religious racial preference for one ethnic group over another, as though God was a racist.  Though it's long been thought of as such, nothing could be further from the truth.  Zion is simply the headquarters of the King, the place where Messiah will rule and reign during the... Continue Reading →

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