4. How To Get There

If a motorcycle hits a wall at 50 mph the law of inertia causes it to stop suddenly, or at least to change speed and direction. When an airplane hits the proper speed on a runway the law of lift takes over and causes it to rise into the sky. If it loses its momentum then gravity takes over and causes it to come down. These laws like all physical laws are limited to the natural world, and are types and shadows of Spiritual Laws, from which they come.

God uses the Biblical truths and Spiritual principles found in the Scripture to run the entire universe. Two of them are found in the first few verses of Romans 8, the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus, which sets us free from the law of sin and death. Now Spiritual laws which relate to God’s plan for our life are completely true in a general sense for everybody in that they are available, but will not be true in a specific sense in your individual life until you choose to believe and act on them, which enforces them in your life.

If you don’t enter the law of the Spirit of Life by choosing Christ [to Save you from sin and death] of your own free will, then the law of sin and death will govern your existence here, and in the world to come. And in case there’s any confusion the #1 killer of mankind on the planet is now and always has been – Sin. Not crime or catastrophe, famine or disease, or the biggest wars, no, it’s sin. Death itself, and every form of it came about because of sin, and it does not exist in the Kingdom of God. Of which heaven is only a part.

Another of His Biblical Laws that runs everything is called the Law of Seed, Time and Harvest, also known as the Law of Genesis. It’s been shortened into “you Reap what you Sow.” And no, it is not karma. The Hebrew Bible is the oldest book in existence, and the ideas in it are the very source from which these other perversions originate. Don’t let anybody fool you, and don’t confuse or compare Holy Writ with pagan cartoons. If that offends you, then you need to repent of ever believing as sacred anything other than the Holy Bible. This is not a game, and there are not many gods, or many roads to one god – that would make him a liar and a lunatic, and more confused than the sequels to The Matrix. They had it right the first time, they should have stopped there.

There are not only different kinds of karma, it is itself a different model with different aspects than reaping what you sow. The law of seed-time-harvest is you reap what you sow. If you plant corn you get corn, if you plant wheat you get wheat, if you plant poop – you get poop. Many live their lives eating bowls of poop, and they’re doing so because it’s what they’ve been planting. If you want to change your harvest you have to change what you’re sowing. God is not mocked, remember. That means the rules He set up run everything and what He has said will come to pass, whether you believe it or not, see it during your lifetime or not, and whether you like it or not. There is a God, and you are not Him. You need to just go ahead and get over that very important fact. You’ll breathe a lot easier.

You cannot save your self, only God can, and He has done all the hardest parts that only He can do. But as you are created in His Image, you have a free will which is sovereign, but since man fell it is also fallen. It is this sovereign free will with a fallen nature that opposes doing its part in going back to God and also believes that God will do it all for him. Because the pride of our heart deceives us, constantly. It is the fallen part that makes our going back to God not only difficult, but painful.

Every time you do what the Bible tells you to do instead of what you want or feel like doing you are going to suffer. Every time. Now the suffering isn’t in your body, it’s in your soul. Which is made up of your mind, your will, and your emotions – and your soul is where the real problem is. In fact the scripture says that the goal of your faith is the salvation of your soul. How come believers don’t know this.

If you watch the Once Saved video on the home page and watch it until you get it in your spirit, until you know both it and the Scripture covered in it – you’ll help a lot of other people get free from the deception that salvation is something that occurs through a prayer at the altar. So they can get to the real work of actually obeying the Bible, which is how the soul is saved. Obedience is currency in the spiritual realm the way money is currency in the earth.

Now you must remember that nothing here is being offered for your approval, or for you to check out. As though you get to Judge the Word instead of judging your self and your sin. If what any man of God tells you lines up with the Bible, and you choose not to do it – your problem isn’t with the man, it’s with the Bible. If after knowing the Bible you choose not to do it, then that’s a problem with your choice, for which all of us will give account to God.

If you don’t know the Bible well that’s a problem in itself, one of many solved through discipleship. In the Old Covenant there were only 2 offices of ministry, prophets and priests. Moses was a prophet, his brother Aaron was a priest. Prophets were over priests then just as they are over pastors now. It’s nothing new, it’s all throughout the Bible. Everyone needs correction, but nobody wants it. Going back to God is Correction, remember. Many pastors (not all) avoid the books of the prophets. Some avoid the Old Testament completely. The two fold ministry of the Old was replaced by the 5 fold ministry of the New.

Pastors are shepherds to the flock, and their emphasis is Devotional. Evangelists are called to the lost, and the cry of their heart is to bring people to Christ. Evangelists are over pastors, and prophets are over both – and though all the Offices are different from each other, prophets are the most different. Prophets speak Spiritual Truth in its various forms coming through visions dreams, Word of knowledge or wisdom, or revelation, but always God’s Truth.

Like fire shut up in their bones, prophets are so attached to truth they will not only lay down their own life for God’s Truth, they’re willing to lay down other lives for it. It’s one of many things that makes them so unpopular. In the Old Covenant many of them were killed by religious leaders. The Bible does speak about false prophets, but it speaks even more about false pastors, which in the books of the prophets were called priests. You don’t really hear false pastors talked about too much.

Prophets don’t recruit people, they only deal with the people God sends them (or sends them to). I have disciples of disciples that I’ve never met, and we disciple many over the phone who live in different cities, some across the country. I have spoken over all of my disciples that they wouldn’t have to go and find anyone, but that God would send them the people they were to disciple – and He has. Again and again. That’s how the prophet’s ministry works. This ministry is not my creation – it is the Lord’s. There’s no way I could have done this on my own, and without all of His help, I wouldn’t have even wanted to.

The anointing on the Office I stand in has birthed more than a dozen men into one of the Offices of 5 fold ministry in the last four years. Including three rotated as missionaries to Africa, and most of the ministers have disciples. Three of them speak (along with myself) at our weekly Ecclesia meeting, which lasts between 5 and 6 hours, every week. One of our disciples who hadn’t been baptized in the Holy Spirit yet, a young woman working on her doctorate up in New England, ran out of the library speaking in tongues! Nobody had even laid hands on her to receive the baptism. A brother in Baton Rouge prayed for a woman dying of cancer, and she was healed. Jesus called these Signs.

Another disciple saw an open vision of an angelic army at the executive airport here in Boca Raton, another was transported in his vehicle over 20 miles in a split second while worshipping the Lord with the only song he knew, which we had just taught him. He was a former police officer, and refused to learn to sing to the Lord. He was being discipled by a disciple of mine who brought him to me, and I got him to sing. A brother in Chicago who had worked for the Chicago Tribune for several years sent me a check for $30,000, because the Lord told him to. He didn’t have a lot of money, he just considered obeying God of greater value than keeping the cash for himself.

Shortly after I arrived out here from California, God put it on the heart of one of my disciples to pay my rent – and he did! For a year and a half. I didn’t tell him to do it, the Lord told him! And I live in a condo right on the water, my rent’s not cheap, and get ahold of this – God’s not cheap! God is the God of all Provision. He provides, and He provides well. If you really work for Him. There are others, but I won’t go on. Why am I telling you these things.

First, God Himself was behind every one of these supernatural events. He caused them to happen, they’re all miracles and they should be common place. They are in the circles we run in, they should be in the circles you run in. We’re supposed to brag on God and what He does in our lives, not on ourselves and who we think we are. In fact we’re commanded to Testify about the goodness of God, about His Power working in our lives. It encourages others and inspires them to get some. Now these and greater miracles than these are breaking out over the whole earth, more than ever before, and have been for some time. Why don’t they happen in most churches and most ministries? One of two reasons: Either the person in the pulpit claiming the title was not called by God, but called their self – or – what’s being preached is not what God said to preach. And you cannot just preach the parts you like and edit the parts you don’t like. That is not authorized, it’s not your Bible.

The Bible is not divided on the power that comes only through the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and speaking in tongues [glossolalia] as evidence of that baptism. Men are divided on that, as they are on everything else. Men and their opinions. Here we come up against another Spiritual Principle from the Bible that runs everything – God confirms the Preaching (or Teaching) of His Word with signs and miracles. I didn’t say it, the Bible says it. Men don’t like it, especially the clergy or churches that live outside the miraculous. People love to argue. Especially unbelieving believers, which the church is filled with – but the Bible forbids it. There is no argument, you either believe the Bible or you don’t. Go read what the Holy Spirit says at the end of the gospel of Mark, then read II Corinthians 12:12, then to Hebrews chapter 2. As you do understand this – there are many other Scriptures which speak of power, increase, and God’s approval throughout. You just need to get to know the Bible, believe it, then do it.

Which brings us back full circle to how to get there, here’s how. The anointed Word and the sowing of it. Nothing spectacular but very supernatural. This is where the Law of seed-time-harvest comes into play again. All we’re doing is using the free will He gave us to follow several of His Laws that are for us, that when followed in an obedient life of faith – bring us to the place that He promised in His word. Reading books filled with the anointed Word every day. Listening to recorded sermons filled with the anointed Word every day, and being taught the Word under the anointing at least once a week for two hours, by someone who has been discipled. You cannot disciple your self, and cannot make disciples if your self were not a disciple of another. This getting up under the anointing of another is the only model in the Bible.

Because the men and women who wrote the books, preached the sermons, or disciple you, have been authorized by God to do so, and have the anointing to prove it. It’s the Word of God that changes you, especially the anointed Word. His Word is a seed and contains the power within itself to bring itself to pass in your life, but you must sow it and sow it every day. The word will separate you from your Sin. If God Calls you He will equip you. If you are not equipped then you are not called – to that area. Everyone is called to something, and the way you find out what you’re Called to is to get up under Authority with Anointing, and while doing that, what’s in you will come out of you. That’s how it works.

Most of the ministers birthed under this ministry had no idea they were called to ministry, until they started getting dealt with through discipleship. As the fruit starts coming up, you can tell what kind of tree it is, that’s how you know. That’s what the anointing does, causes things to grow [only the Good things]. The Bible describes the anointing as burden removing, yoke destroying power. And most folks have heavy burdens and powerful yokes keeping them from coming up into what God has for them.

But be warned, this dying to Self, crucifying the Flesh, and not getting your way because you’re doing it His Way – will be the hardest thing you will ever do, without exception. The Bible speaks of the cost of becoming a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. The cost is very simple, it will cost you everything. But then, that’s the great thing about this covenant God made with us. In it, everything we have is His, and everything He has is ours. He’s been waiting all of your life to give it to you, but you have to be in the place He called you . . . to receive it.

Brother Greg

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