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We live in a world filled with uncertainty, and in a time of great instability. People all over are desperate for peace and safety. If there is a God they want His protection, but they want it without His correction. Sorry, it doesn’t come in that flavor. Going back to God is filled with correction. It is His Word that corrects us, and His ministers that minister that Word to us. The 5 different Offices of Christian Biblical Ministry all have varying degrees of authority to tell you what to do regarding God and the things of God, and people don’t like it.

One of the hardest things for those of us living in the democracies of the West to get ahold of is the fact that God’s government is a Kingdom, not a democracy – and you don’t get to vote. This grave misunderstanding is at the root of so much of the confusion and lack of effectiveness of the very large body that call themselves believers, worldwide. God does not want our cooperation, He requires our submission. Without it, He cannot get anything done in our lives. Being a fallen people born into a world under a curse governed by a fallen angel, there’s a lot to get done.

As a prophet, I will not speak to you like a pastor. If you try to receive me as a pastor, you’ll probably just get offended. If you receive me for what I am as authorized by God and laid out in the Bible, then you’ll get a reward that comes with that receiving. I didn’t say that, Jesus did. And believe me, you’ll want the reward. People don’t mind spirituality as long as it’s divorced from authority. It’s in our fallen nature – we hate being told what to do. Submission to the plan and will of God for your life and the discipline it takes to get there have become nothing less than forbidden language in the modern humanist church of today.

We have tens of thousands of churches in America with millions of so called christians who don’t do anything the Bible says (except maybe not cuss and go to church), and can hardly be distinguished from the heathen, whom they should be bringing into the Kingdom, only those who want to come in. The church looks, talks, and acts just like the world with this one exception – they’re supposed to know better. Listen to me now and listen good, especially if you’re a Christian; we don’t get the results that Jesus got because we don’t preach the gospel He preached. He didn’t preach getting people “Saved”, that’s a fairly recent invention of the last 60 years or so. He preached born again one time to one man – and yes, you do need to be born again. But that’s not what He preached. Don’t believe me, go read the Bible then choose to believe what it says.

The four gospels are filled with what Jesus preached. He preached repentance and kingdom. The Kingdom of God is God and His Way of doing things, which has to replace you and your way of doing things. Your feelings and thoughts about the Kingdom are irrelevant, you are fallen remember? In our fallen state we naturally oppose God, not agree with Him. That’s why you have to repent just to get into His Kingdom. And if you don’t want to join His, that’s okay, you’re already in one – and there are only two. You were born into a world under the authority of Lucifer, who’s authority you’re under whether you want to be or not. This world as it is is not only passing away, it will be destroyed.

There is no global warming, what’s coming is global melting. If you don’t get out from under the world system and the authority that runs it, then you’ll be destroyed along with it. Because that’s the punishment the one in authority is getting, so those under him get what he gets. Except destruction in the sense as it relates to spirits is not an event, it’s a condition, and it is eternal. In fact Hell was made for the devil and his fallen angels. It doesn’t matter whether you think this fair or not, you have no authority except the Authority that God has given you in Christ. If you reject that Knowledge, that Truth of His Word, that rejection is what will destroy you, and the Bible says so. And because God’s Word, God’s Truth, God’s Knowledge are Spiritual – they must become a condition in your life, not an event.

Until they become a condition, what you call your christianity will not work for you because it’s not real, you’re just pretending. Which is one of the main things Lucifer helps you to do, often without you knowing it. He doesn’t just use lying, he invented it. If your christainity isn’t working down here you won’t make it work up there, cause you ain’t goin’ to Heaven. You’re not being locked out – you have Chosen not to come in, and there’s only One Way in. And until you’re saying what He’s saying, until what He’s saying is coming up out of you – you’re just saying your own thing (or someone else’s). Neither of which get you to Heaven, but only end up where the authority you were under was going the whole time.

That’s why we have the very short Teaching video here on the site called Homologia, which is simply you saying what God says in the Bible – I mean things He’s told us to say. That’s what the Scripture – “God is not mocked, You Reap what You Sow” means. He’s not playing and He never was, whether you were or not. Everyone should begin to see the need for Discipleship by now. Not do you like it, do you want it, it’s not your show – I said do you see it. If this is offending your Flesh, it’s supposed to.

The purpose of the Ministry is not to meet the needs of the people, that’s not even Biblical. Though most of the church is involved in doing just that, and only that – it was never God’s Plan. Having been taught at many seminaries for the last several decades, this liberal doctrine has become one of the biggest Lies of the last century. Ministry is just another word for Service yes, but there’s a lot of confusion among the clergy and the laity, and people in general, as to who serves where and what is being served. There’s no confusion in the Bible, it’s very clear. The confusion is among men, who have widely varying degrees of Belief in and Obedience to the Bible.

Preachers and Teachers are servants, but they are God’s Servants and serve His Purpose – not people’s. The needs of people will get met as a side effect of true Ministry performing it’s function, which has always been preparing God’s people (the body of believers) for works of Service (the ministry) in the earth. Not making sure everybody has enough to eat, a warm blanket, and a comfortable life as they are [without God] – so they can continue in the Rebellion and Ignorance of their own will, living the ungrateful disobedient life they were born into. All of that is very Religious, but it is not Christian – it’s Humanism, and puts man at the center instead of God. As though God is gonna subsidize mutiny and treason. What verse is that? That’s why His Wrath is coming on the world. A much wiser man than myself, C. S. Lewis, explains it at length in one of his more difficult books The Problem of Pain.

It’s not the job of Ministers of the 5 fold Ministry to do the work of the ministry [of Christ] to the nations – that’s the job of all Believers everywhere after they’ve been prepared, matured, and grown up by being under Ministry until they are grown up (spiritually mature). In other words, the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher are there as Gifts from God to deal with Believers, or those who become Believers; by training them with the Word of God to do all the services [themselves] that build up the Body of Christ until everybody reaches the same level of Faith and Maturity, which is a standard set by Christ – not you feeling that you’ve had enough. It’s all in the Bible, go look it up. You can start by reading Ephesians 4:11-24, and read it in several good translations, until you get it. I suggest the Amplified, NIV, Complete Jewish, God’s Word, and the Wuest translation, to name a few.

If you put it in military terms as the Bible often does, you have to go to bootcamp to be of any use as a soldier. Because you have to be trained, and no, going to church is not bootcamp – Discipleship is bootcamp. The church is filled with people who claim to have been in His Army for 20, 30, 40 years and they don’t even know how to march! They have no weapons, some have only parts of a uniform, most have no uniform at all, and they don’t even know how to fight the Enemy. So most just shoot at or sabotage each other. Discipleship is a getting up under somone with real Authority from God, not just someone who says they have it. And you can tell if they have real Authority because if they do, they’ll also have the Anointing. Which is a measure of God’s power through the Spirit on the ministry of the one ordained by God to that ministry. Power to change your life, power to change the lives of others.

This power comes from God’s Word, the Holy Spirit and the 5 Fold Ministry working together – all Ordained by Him in His Word. Now you don’t do the changing – you just stay plugged into the Power. If you’ll look at the relationship between Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, Paul and Timothy [as well as Titus and Luke], Peter and Mark, John and Polycarp – the Scripture is filled with examples of Discipleship. It is the Biblical model – there is not something else. It’s like a Jedi paduan getting up under a Jedi Master. You don’t want to get up under just anybody, only someone who has the power of God’s Word and His Spirit working in the office of Ministry they stand in. Jesus did not go to seminary, nor did any of His disciples. In fact, they were completely rejected by the religious establishment of the day and it’s self appointed authority – they were the ones who actually killed Him. And the Bible says they did it out of Jealousy. They wanted what He had, but they didn’t want to do what He did to get it.

Religion is what man gives instead of coming up into the Relationship that only God has . . . for all who will let Him be God. In this life that relationship is called Salvation, and it is a process – not an event. You must decide for yourself if you want the dead dry religion of the world and it’s way of doing things – or true Faith in God, which is how He does everything. Making disciples is the Great Commission. This whole thing is not about what you think you know, it’s about doing what you’re told. And that’s what we do here, get you to do what the Bible tells you while doing what it says ourselves. It does not sound very attractive to the Selfish nature of our Flesh, which is dying as we speak. Like all Biological life, it’s time is very limited – and all of the Time being given has been for one purpose. To give you a chance to join His Side, so that He can give you everything that He has. The Bible speaks of a time before Adam and Eve, and there will be a time after this one. But the only ones who will be with Him there, are those that are with Him here. Who are you with . . .

Brother Greg

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