2. Whole Counsel of God

Jesus with the apostles who were authorized to preach and teach the Word

The Bible is the infallible and unerring Word of God, but it does not contain the whole counsel of God. Everything in the Bible is true, but everything in it isn’t right. Because it is a collection of historical records, it’s filled with many horrible and bad things brought about by man’s own unbelief and disobedience, many of which are warnings to us, not examples for us [to follow]. As great as the Bible is, it was never intended to contain the whole counsel of God. It does not replace the Holy Spirit, though the Holy Spirit always leads us in line with His Word. In the exact same way, the Holy Spirit does not replace the 5 different kinds of Ministers that make up the 5 fold ministry, though no true Ministry can operate without the power of the Holy Spirit. And all preaching and teaching must line up with the Bible. If it doesn’t, it’s not Christian Ministry – it’s some other kind of ministry. It is only with all 3 working together as the Lord intended, the Word – the Spirit – and the Ministry, that we come into the whole counsel of God. I didn’t say these things – they’re all in the Bible. You cannot be a Christian and not Believe the Bible.

Belief and Faith are not the same thing, and most of the church world is confused about that. A Belief is simply something you think to be True, and within Biblical Christianity – is simply a Choice. Faith is Acting on what you Believe, and in this sense – Faith is an Act, it requires the doing of something. Believing what God has to say about Himself is essential both to become a Christian and to keep being one. We’re in fact commanded to wash our minds with the water of the Word – daily. Every believer has a part both in his own Salvation, and in putting on or staying in Christ – and a part of that is reading the Bible everyday. But that is not how Faith comes, and Faith is needed to do everything God has for us to do. Faith comes only [in the sense of being built up] by Hearing the Anointed Word [preached by someone who’s Authorized to preach it], not by reading the Bible yourself. That’s what the Bible says, and people don’t like it – but there it is. You’ll either do this thing God has commanded you to do, or you won’t. It won’t affect Heaven – it’ll effect you getting there.

Reading the Bible yourself strengthens your Belief and builds up your Hope, but you have to hear the Anointed Preaching or Teaching of the Word to get the Faith you need. Many have thought for years that Faith came from reading the Bible – but the Bible doesn’t say that. If you read Romans 10 where this is talked about it covers Belief, Faith, Preachers and preaching – and what they’re preaching . . . the Word of Christ. And remember Christ isn’t Jesus’ last name, it’s the Greek word for the Hebrew word Messiah [Meshiac] – both of which mean the Anointed One and/or His Anointing. It’s referring to those who are Authorized by God [not themselves] to preach and teach His Word, which Authority is proven by the fact that they have the Anointing. Which not only makes you want to listen, it changes you while you do. But it only changes you a little bit at a time because that’s all we can handle – a teaspoon, or one brick (if you want to put it in construction terms). Teaspoon by teaspoon, brick by brick. When you tie that in with Ephesians 4, you get a clear picture of what the 5 fold ministry is Called [Authorized] to do. But it’s your choice whether you submit to that Authority, or not. God will not make you. He’ll just look at the choice you made when He gets here . . .

Brother Greg

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