Jesus literally spoke of aliens coming during the Last Days, in the Bible.

US Navy fighter tracking unidentified object flying with supernatural unexplainable ability.

Phobetron was the word used by ancient Greek writers to literally describe monsters, and is the very word used by Jesus himself in Luke 21:11, when speaking about fearful sights coming in the last days. Where will these monsters be coming from where will they be seen, the end of the same verse tells us in English – heaven. Which in Greek is actually heavens and refers to the sky above the earth. Jesus said as the end of the age wraps up, things that are fearful to men will be descending from the heavens above the earth.

So when we look at it in the source language Jesus is actually telling his disciples about the visible signs that will mark the end of this age right before His return, by telling them – you will see monsters in the skies and most of the world will see or be impacted by them. For the other Greek word megas refers to the greatness of the impact or number of people that are affected, will be great.

This is a warning from Jesus in language that is intentionally vague, which occurs throughout scripture, especially in prophecy. Why is that, why are things hidden like that. As believers they are hidden for us, not from us. God is not now nor will He ever be concerned with – you knowing everything. He is not part of this Information Age where the population is deceived into thinking Knowledge is Power and I must have it now, so the greater control can be mine. Trusting knowledge is the opposite of trusting God. Gnostics did that in the 1st century and failed.

Christianity is not based on the information knowledge of this world, it is based on revelation knowledge, knowledge that is Revealed by God to those who believe him. He doesn’t reveal Himself to unbelievers. God has no part in this fallen world system or the current Age given by Him, to run its course. Jesus came to redeem us from all that and that redemption is called salvation. Which we can only get by our own Faith, grace on God’s part yes but faith is our part, and He will not do it for us. God’s job is not to make sure we know everything – He knows everything. God’s job is to tell us what to do, and if we do what He tells us we will know what we need to when we need to know it. Trusting Him to do that as you obey Him is called faith.

In the spirit realm things move at the speed of thought, which is much faster than light, and demons are from that realm. Now they are manifesting in this realm more and more, and they are showing people what they want to see. What they expect to see from what they are filled with. Hope and faith are directly connected in the spiritual realm, they are fed by what we let in through our ear gate and eye gate. Which go straight to the heart of our being known as our spirit, which is where we believe. Reaping what you sow is a Spiritual Law.

Our imaginations are part of our inner man, which is part of the spiritual realm, and they are filled with what we have sown into them. People really are seeing these sightings, but what they are seeing isn’t the thing itself – what they are seeing is a kind of mask. Spiritual warfare is a type of game to demons, and if you refuse to believe in God that gives them access to you. Unbelief is a sin, and sin is where the devil has authority, it’s how he gets to you. In faith he cannot touch you.

There are spiritual legalities involved in everything, and demons play off of what we have sown into our hearts and minds. Listen, in just a few days all men living on the earth will come to a point of crisis. It will come about as a result of wrong thinking adapted from the world and its ways, and living a worthless life handed down from our fathers and the life they were living without God. This will happen right after Jesus takes the first set of Overcomers out of this world and into the next. These aliens are not what you think, not what they look like. Being from another realm is what enables the ‘space ships’ to move like that. They are not really space ships. Lucifer doesn’t speak spaceship, he only speaks deception, and he’s really good at it.

Faith is all about what you cannot see, if you can see it then it’s not faith. God wants us to come to him in faith, but many people refuse and insist on doing things their own way. Well we will reap what we sow, unless we repent. Those who refused to use the gift God gave them for His glory are his enemy. If the life lived was not lived for God to accomplish His purposes in the earth, then it has no value to Him. And it will have no value in His Kingdom, of which Heaven is a part.

We do not get reward and position in Heaven for simply existing here. We get reward and position there for what we did with the existence He gave us here, for the life we lived. Salvation is by grace but Reward is solely by your works, the Bible says both very clearly many times. If you refuse to believe God enough to do what He says, you will do what some being says. It is another spiritual law, we were created to believe and to follow. The law is not an option, but What we choose to believe is. How did the Aliens say it in those old films – Take me to your Leader. Yeah, you’re gonna like that. Get ready, an invasion of demons who temporarily look like aliens will be revealed as the monsters they are is coming, but only after the Departure of the saints.

Brother Greg

There will be terrible earthquakes, famines, and plagues everywhere; there will be strange and terrifying things coming from the sky.

Luke 21:11 GNTD

and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.

Luke 21:11b NASB1995

Terrible things will happen, and amazing things will come from heaven to warn people.

Luke 21:11b ERV

Growing Up In Christ

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