Anointed Word in fourteen chapters, videos and blog to build your faith and strengthen your spirit for the coming troubles just ahead.

Full Grown Ministry

First five pages about who we are and what we do as called by God in this ministry, which is make disciples. This is the Great Commission from Jesus himself, which has been replaced in the church with getting people saved by a prayer at the altar. Being born again and going to church all your life does not make anyone a disciple, you must be trained. It’s all laid out right there in Scripture, and explained in depth over the ministry pages. We must believe and do what the Bible says for it to work in our lives, just agreeing with it is not enough. We must apply the Word to our life.

Much Grace

Short book filled with the anointed Word in 14 chapters, to build faith and strengthen your spirit for the troubles just ahead, that will fall like a trap and surprise everyone who dwells on the face of the whole earth 🌎.

 God never reaps Judgment where He hasn't sown Knowledge

Salvation is a Process – Brother Greg
You Must Be Spirit Led – Pastor Nicholas
Looking For – Brother Duke
True Ecclesia – Pastor Jason

40 chapter book on sister site to this one –

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